Odeon complaint gets 100k Facebook likes and 10k comments!

Bitterwallet - a third off ODEON ticketsPeople love complaining on Facebook about things. It's like wandering into the Women's Institute by accident. The latest gripe concerns a post about the Odeon cinema.

The complaint revolved around the cost and quality of going to an Odeon and appeared on the official Odeon Facebook Page on Friday... and remarkably, it has generated more than 100k of 'Likes' and 10k+ of comments.

The complaint focuses on overpriced tickets, food and drink, bad customer service at the food and drink stand and their film being disrupted by the cinema screen next door which was showing The Dark Knight Rises. Signing-off with a flourish, the complainant flicked the Vs up at the piracy warning, saying "your little advert about piracy killing film was the final straw though. Between us in the group we paid you over £45 so four of us could get the 'cinema experience.'"

Sadly for the Odeon, their social networking team seem to have gone to sleep and haven't managed to deal with the issue.

Of course, the person making a complaint is a thunderous dimwit because all cinemas are a depressing experience. It isn't just a problem at the Odeon. Overpriced tickets, awful expensive food, trailers, the smell of bleach and, ultimately, having to watch a film with other people, has always ensured that the cinema is a miserable, miserable experience. What were they expecting? Fools. Slagging the massively underpaid staff off is cheap too. They're the only people more browbeaten and depressed than the customers that attend an Odeon cinema.

That said, there is a point in all of this. While this whining wimp had a wickle twouble at a notoriously dreadful activity, it seems there's a swell of people who don't see the point in going to the cinema. Is it a dying industry?

You can read the complaint here.


  • The M.
    Of course it a dying trade which I suppose is a shame but the cost of going to the cinema with your family is now ridiculous - I took my son to see "Prometheus" which I think ended up costing us around £60 by the time u factor in both of us having a soft drink and a hotdog (for the full cinema experience a 10 day old reheated hot dog is a must) never mind the cost of fuel to drive the 10 miles to the multiplex. Add in the fact that most folk now have pretty decent large screen high definition flat screen TVs that give just as good if not better pictures than the cinema does AND you dont get some C*nt getting there mobile out every 10 mins lighting there faces up to check there messages - the list goes on... That bloke in the USA who shot everyone at the Batman screening was probably just pissed off because of the price of his nachos.
  • Spencer
    if people knew the profit margins cinemas run at.... they have to pay for the licence to show the film in the first place (usually thousands of pounds) then give away a large proportion of ticket sales... it might surprise some folks to learn that the majority of cinema's profits come from selling comically overpriced popcorn and coke. under most circumstances they barely break even on showing films. source... my Mrs best mate is a manager at vue
  • Spencer
    oh one other thing I found interesting... a bag of popcorn and a cup of coke... combined, costs the cinema less than 10p. the bag costs more than the popcorn in it and the cup costs more than the coke!
  • Kevin
    If they got the staff in to control the idiots in the cinema that would be a start.
  • Kevin
    ' it might surprise some folks to learn that the majority of cinema’s profits come from selling comically overpriced popcorn and coke. under most circumstances they barely break even on showing films.' I think everyone knows that now. 'oh one other thing I found interesting… a bag of popcorn and a cup of coke… combined, costs the cinema less than 10p. the bag costs more than the popcorn in it and the cup costs more than the coke!' And we know that as well which makes the cost even more annoying ;) Does sound btw that Cineworld are starting to check people's bags to make sure they are not taking their own food and drink in.
  • Spencer c.
    Basically Spencer, if they lowered the price of their comically overpriced popcorn and coke, then people would be more tempted to buy it at the cinema rather than fucking it off and attempting to bring their own. Fucking irks the shit out of me that dog wank piracy ad before a film, when you consider that in the last 3 years box office records for movies has been broken numerous times (Harry Potter, Avengers, Avatar). It seems that cinemas are killing the movie industry not the movie production companies. What a set of cunts.
  • Spencer c.
    Come on, everyone knows that cunts come in buches, not sets.
  • Spencer c.
    bunches even.
  • Spencer c.
    *set of bastards *bunch of cunts
  • Ian
    *platoon of wankers
  • Jolyon B.
    don't they also come in Showers? Also isn't a bag of cunts called Clitoris Allsorts?
  • Dick
    I stopped using our cinema years ago. I've just checked - they now charge £8.20 plus an 80p unavoidable "booking fee" for a film. Why the fuck is there a booking fee? If you need to charge to book, then add it to your ticket price. There's no point paying £18 for two to see a film. I'll rent it on BR in six months time.
  • Dick
    ^ And then only if I enjoyed the film when I downloaded it illegally.
  • Pizza A.
    Got to agree about twats with mobile phones... surely the technology exists to block mobile phone signals within the screens whilst the film is on...
  • Alexis
    I watched The Dark Knight at the AMC in Manchester. The aircon went off about halfway through, which meant everyone was melting for the last hour. Especially bad since the film was about an hour too long anyway.
  • Chewbacca
    @ The Morganator Learn the difference between "there" and "their", perhaps then people will be more inclined to listen to you, you utter fucking moron. @ Alexis If The Dark Knight was too "long" for you, perhaps you should watch something aimed more at your level. An episode of Balamory or whatever crap kids with ADHD watch these days.
  • Spencer
    @ Spencer is a cunt. that would mean a higher product turnover. which involves more outlay for stock and more costs... which negates any extra income you might make from selling more product. it's far better to make as much profit in as few sales as possible as it keeps your costs and overheads down. basic business. and as everyone knows... it's a set of bastards, bunch 'o cunts and a clutch of wankers... unless your a lady in which case it's a pile of wankers.
  • The i.
    Cinemas are over priced shit holes
  • The i.
    Spencer is still a cunt as well
  • Clubfoot K.
    @Spencer If all the cinemas refused to pay for the licence to show a particular film, then that film would not get shown as no one would be able to show it. If only they all stuck together and demanded a reasonable price they could pass the price benefits on to consumers. Unless you're wrong of course.
  • Maik.
    This is slightly off the subject but the piracy/'cinema experience' warning that Cineworld show is the thing that really irks me the most about cinema-going. It opens showing one of those gorgeous old art deco/mid-50s cinemas which is dilapidated and looks like it's set in some post-nuclear dystopia. The suggestion being that by not paying the £8-odd for a cinema ticket you're killing small cinemas. It's a bit hypocritical when Cineworld and Odeon have pretty much driven every smaller cinema company out of business with out-of-town multiplexes and comical gimmicks like vibrating seats and 3D.
  • Spencer
    @ clubfoot kid.... I may well be wrong. I'm only going on what a cinema manager told me. and I totally get your point but that would simply not happen... it's like all the motorists in England agreeing not to buy fuel until oil companies lower the price... it works in theory.... and I would argue that I am enough of a cunt that I take the place of 3 cunts... thus making me a bunch 'o cunts... all by myself.
  • LancerVancer
    @Spencer "it’s like all the motorists in England agreeing not to buy fuel until oil companies lower the price… it works in theory…." The French just set fire to a load of sheep and block the roads, it works for them.
  • Spencer
    try it here.... you'll get battered by some coppers.
  • Roge
    everything about modern cinemas winds me up paying extra for 3d is bad enough but having to pay extra to sit in the middle in the 'premium' seats is an outrage popcorn and drinks which come in sizes £8 small (which is large), £8.25 large (which is actually the size of a dustbin) Popcorn should be free they are never cleaned properly and always stink. You used to go to the cinema if you wanted a cheap night out. Now especially for a family it must be a once in long time treat I make it a point now to give them as little of my money as possible. Use every loophole for cheap tickets and bring own food. Its not just Odeon. Vue & Cineworld are equally loathsome.
  • Paul C.
    Clearly none of you are supporting your independents and arthouses. Yes, the films do tend to challenge you somewhat more than Bruce Willis unloading the entire US defense cache into someone's face, but the staff and the cinemas are an altogether much nicer affair. They do show mainstream blockbusters as well. If you visit the large corporates, frankly you deserve everything you get.
  • Dick
    Independents also charge a fortune too though. Nicer, but still overpriced.
  • Chewbacca
    @Paul Coia Yes, if I had a decent independent I would use it. Unfortunately, my closest does smell of actual loss, it's more expensive than my local IMAX, and the snacks etc are just as expensive. The only real positives are that it sells beer and the clientele are less scummy. Oh, and the screen is no bigger than a 60" LCD, and it shows all the shitty mainstream films, not even the decent ones. Great.
  • Spencer
    if you live near a Cineworld... they do an unlimited annual pass. it can be used with orange Wed 241. split between 2 of you it's like... £90 each. sounds a lot... but if you saw maybe 40 films a year... it's like £2odd per film.
  • Chewbacca
    @Spencer Hi, do you work for Shittyworld? Christ, anyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the last 10 years knows about their unlimited card. With your awesome timing and mathematical genius, you should apply to join the bitterwallet team. You'd fit right in!
  • Spencer
    most people know about their unlimited card. not as many people know that works with orange 241 Wed's. just trying to help.
  • LancerVancer
    @Spencer If i did try it and took a beating from the cops then i would scream human rights and end up with a fat payout!! Thus negating the fact that petrol is overpriced! Win and indeed win.
  • Me
    @ Chewbacca I don't give a fuck about cinemas anyway. Still I would like to use this situation to highlight the fact that you are a CUNT!
  • Jeffrey b.
    Overall the experience of going to the cinema could be dramatically improved. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't feel like you were going for a wank In a dark closet at your aunts house. Maybe Instead of nasty old food they had a lovely restaurant and delicious food . Also I don't understand the point of showing an anti- piracy advert in a cinema. You'd think for the cost of a ticket they'd have the decency not to insult us.
  • The M.
    I'm pretty glad most of you lot don't go to the cinema, I'll feel much safer knowing that the next time I go to the cheap day Tuesday at my local (clean & polite) Cineworld. Compared to the Showcase in my town, the Cineworld half an hour away is like a centre of culture and learning, I've never had any problems with noise there (cept for popcorn), phones lighting up, idiots talking or anything like that. Occasionally people leave to go to the toilet, but I figure that's better than them pissing on the floor.... The one thing that does bug me is the anti-piracy ad. Because, you know, I just paid thru the nose for this film, with little hope of a refund if it turns out to be shit. Anyway, back to your hatefilled diatribes now I guess. You happy bunch of pixies.
  • martyfarty
    Everyone knows how overpriced the food is at any of the cinema's these days - or should that read forever as I can rememebr years ago people moaned about the same thing. Key - nothing changes especially in the locked in world of the cinemas multiplex. Fodd, drink and ices have always been typified by the cost price plus 500% model. It does irritate when people use their mobiles, crunch their way through the popcorn like a bloody jackhammer and generally cough, chit chat etc. However if it bothers you that much wait for the blu-ray. I would be a little pissed though if they started searching through bags etc. How would I hide my minsrels keep happy
  • martyfarty
    sorry for the spelling - bloody smartphone......
  • May
    The cinema's where I live cost £2.50 at the independent and £3.00 at the odeon.
  • darren p.
    Its okay to be an Odeon CUNT I see lots of Odeon CUNT staff.
  • Charles U.
    Love Cineworld, Vue and Odeon. So few staff nowdays that you can just walk in off the street and wander straight into a movie unchallenged. VFM? You betcha. Particularly if you bring a coke and your own M&Ms.

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