O2 mess up promoting Priority Moments app again, blame everyone else

Last week O2 launched a new mobile app called O2 Priority Moments that allows customers to find nearby deals and offers - nice, but hardly a new proposition to consumers. Before the app was officially launched, we found staff were already anonymously awarding Priority Moments five stars in the App Store, which O2 put it down to over-enthusiastic staff.

Today, they're continuing to promote O2 Priority Moments and they're still making a mess of it. We've three emails from irritated readers about a social media campaign that ran this afternoon. Avid Bitterwallet reader Kip takes up the story:

O2 have been running a competition today - the more people that tweeted about O2 Priority Moments would reveal a winning phone number, and the first person to ring the number would win a new phone. The competition was 'live' on Twitter and Facebook.

The problem is, they didn't actually give out the number on Twitter - it was given out on Facebook first, and then given out as an @reply on their Twitter feed.

Checking their activity on Twitter, O2 only got as far as giving out nine digits of the phone number:

BItterwallet - O2 social media fail

The next time the number is mentioned, it is given in full but it's not sent to all of O2's followers. It's only sent in a reply to another Twitter user - that means that nearly all other followers won't have seen it and had no chance of winning:

Bitterwallet - O2 social media fail 2

Unless O2 deleted the original message, then they never sent it. But they clearly didn't delete it because anyone who asks is being told they must have had a problem at their end.

Back to the drawing board, O2. Third time lucky, eh?


  • JP O.
    Hi Paul Thanks for your post - we're sorry to hear Kip and some of your other readers have been in touch about the competition. The idea of our giveaway today was that we would reveal the number to call simultaneously on Twitter and Facebook, however we experienced a glitch on our Twitter client that meant the planned update didn't appear. That's why we initially thought it was a refresh rate issue as opposed to an error on our end - we now know this is what caused it and would like to apologise. It's great to hear the competition's struck a chord with your readers and we're running it each day this week so they've got another four chances to win. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages and yes, we'll be publishing the number directly via Twitter this time! Thanks JP
  • Steve
    Spammy retweet competitions from unimaginative companies. Making social media platforms that bit worse since 2007™
  • Milky
    Piss poor JP, how can anyone in the know take it seriously after such an abysmal launch? ..worse than useless!
  • JP O.
    @Steve Our competition isn't actually encouraging retweets. People need to use the hashtag #O2PriorityMoments to reveal the number but they can talk about whatever they like when they do it, although clearly we'd like it if they talk about Priority Moments! There is an example tweet in the Facebook page which people can use if they want but it's entirely optional. As long as the hashtag's in there it'll count.
  • JP O.
    @Milky We're really proud of Priority Moments and it's a shame to see you're not a fan! We'd encourage everyone - even those 'in the know'! - download the app and have a look at the Priority Moments available to them. There's some great offers out there!
  • dvdj
    Great offer's that are exclusive to you? Or the same great offers that are available everywhere else if you just looked? Who gies a flying toss about discount offer's from a phone company. Stop investing in shit like this. Concentrate on making my mobile bill cheaper with better coverage and leave the offer's to the spammy offer sites.
  • bob
    JP you suck! so does priority moments
  • Fox B.
    Kudos to JP for coming on such a troll infested site like this.
  • Cheesey
    As per my previous rants/postings - pay the monkeys with crack cocaine and they will f**k it up spectacularly. JP - trying to put such a positive spin on such dross = crack cocaine!
  • Darren
    I agree with dvdj If mobile companies concentrated on giving their customers the best rates and good customer service. rather than employing people who do not understand technology to run rubbish scheme's that do not offer you anything stuff you can already get elsewhere. These, be here at x time and call this number, I think are disgraceful, as it will always be a tecno-juckie who will win, as they will have ways of setting it up to be the first. I know as I am one. D
  • steve
    O2. instead of being socially inept when it comes to social networking, stop throttling my bandwith you byte stealling knuckle draggers.
  • Social S.
    [...] O2 then set about promoting Priority Moments through Twitter. O2 asked its followers to create some noise about the new [...]
  • Ashley C.
    Dear O2, I am afraid your priority moments launch has been a total debacle. More worryingly than that, you won't even admit to it, or respond to criticism over it. No response to emails for almost two weeks, no interest from the Customer, or business context with regard to Odeon Priority Moments codes... Are you actually interested in providing customer service? Or just making it look like you provide customer service whilst re-branding and attempting to differentiate yourself by providing a late and inferior version of something that Orange has managed to do for a long time? Very disappointing to have not even had an apology. Happy to provide details of the lack of customer service by return..

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