Norton: Down with the kids

25 March 2014

People who insult strangers through the window of the internet, as we all know, are some of the most weak boned wimps on Earth. Quick to resort to dropping a c-bomb because it's the nastiest insult they can think of (seriously, put your back into it trolls).

With that in mind, one young lady on Twitter called out web-nasties and mentioned Norton, who do anti-virus stuff. And oddly, Norton replied.


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  • Stephen
    Well of course they replied - free advert. Though anyone who knows more than zero about computers knows that Norton practically IS a virus. So it's more than a little ironic.
  • God
    I also had bit of a snigger - NORTON, yuk, yuk, yuk. Actually PAYING someone to slow down and destabilise your computer!!!
  • mark
    stephen you must be stuck in the year 2003, you'll find norton get top 5 in most av test reviews. and yes i use norton, but ive also used kaspersky, trend, webroot and eset. eset arn't what they used to be and kaspersky are a lot slower to scan.
  • grande
    Nice astroturfing mark. Without fail, whenever Norton is mentioned online two things happen: a) Someone rightfully points out that it’s a bloated piece of crap that’s outperformed by other premium AV tools or several excellent freebies. b) Random Norton fan pops up to tell everyone how we’re all wrong (“stuck in 2003? is a pretty common one too). Norton must spend a bundle on people to monitor comments and leap on any negative mention of their terrible shitty software.
  • jim
    yeah norton blows the big one
  • Wozza
    norton.... fuck norton sideways!
  • Stephen
    Like I said Mark, anyone who knows "more than" zero about computers knows....I would suggest you research the detection rates before commenting next time.
  • randy g.
    Does that mean that the other av companies are spending loads to have their fanboys rubbish Symantec at every opportunity?

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