Newsflash. If you leave rude pictures on your smartphone, your phone repair man might look at them.

woman on the phoneYou know how it is. Every now and then you feel the need to take ‘explicit’ photographs of yourself and save them in your phone. We’ve all got a boob selfie hanging around. However, when handing said porno-phone in to be fixed, surely it might occur to you that the spotty youth working in a phone repair shop might have nothing better to do than scroll through your camera roll. With one hand.

That’s exactly what happened to some Welsh girls recently, where 35 year old Lee Hawkes,  not only looked at sexy pictures of some female customers, but then proceeded to downloaded dozens of images of two women for his own personal use. Eeyeuw.

When police raided his shop, Get Connected in Brecon, Powys, they found 48 images of a woman in her twenties in a series of different nude poses and 135 sexually explicit images of a woman in her thirties. 135 images? She must have been really bored that day.

Mr Hawkes came a cropper (amongst other things) when he showed the images to a "gobsmacked" colleague, who was unconvinced by Hawkes’ claims that this was normal behaviour practised "industry wide".

Hawkes was found guilty of voyeurism and inappropriate access to data and sentenced to four months, although the sentence was suspended for 12 months. He also has to go on the sex offenders register for being the 21st century equivalent of a peeping tom.

PC Gareth Tanswell said after the case, "People's mobiles carry a vast amount of personal data and images these days, and they expect to be able to trust those that they give access to them for repair, maintain or for advice purposes." While all completely true, in the real world, you could consider just removing the photos from your phone when giving it to someone else. There’s a thought.


  • Poosh
    The same thing that happened in any camera shop that you had photos developed in. I know one shop that made copies and had several albums of locals lasses.
  • Jeff N.
    Inappropriate access to data?? But wasn't this how Gary Glitter was caught? How are people like him going to be found out if you have the threat of prosecution hanging over you for having a quick peek?

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