New Twitter tools to report abuse

3 December 2014

Twitter-Logo1 Twitter are bringing out a new set of tools to crack down on abuse. They mostly consist of hammers.

Actually they don't, but they have launched a new way of reporting problem tweets and internal ways to deal with them more quickly.

The new widgets will allow Twitter's users to flag up anything they thing is a bit awry or unpleasant. It will also allow anyone witnessing abuse going on to another user to report it as well.

The company also reckons it has upgraded various facets of its internal processes to speed up the suitable course of action required.

They also claim that it won't alter the rules around harassment and abuse, but will make problem tweets easier for users and the company to respond to.

The changes also give users the option to see all blocked accounts, as well as stopping users from viewing profiles of those that have blocked them and these changes will be happening over the next few weeks.

Said Twitter in a blog post: “We are nowhere near being done making changes in this area. In the coming months, you can expect to see additional user controls, further improvements to reporting and new enforcement procedures for abusive accounts."

"We’ll continue to work hard on these changes in order to improve the experience of people who encounter abuse on Twitter."

About time. We've had it up to here with death threats round these parts.

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