New-look 'timeline' Facebook is here for all of us

15 December 2011

Bitterwallet - Facebook logo Hey there avid Facebook users – remember when that weedy little chap that runs things came out and bleated something about a new look for the site? With a timeline and everything?

Well, he’s taken his time about it, but he’s finally gotten around to making it available for everyone. If there isn’t a notification on your Facebook homepage, go here and feel yourself hurtle instantly into the future of social media. You can faff about with it and decide what you'll want people to see, and if you're happy, publish your timeline now, or wait until it automatically goes live on December 22nd. No doubt you'll have to check and double-check all your privacy settings all over again.

Why not tell us what you think about it in the box below. THERE ARE NO PRIZES.

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  • Boris
    First I win. What is my prize?
  • Alex T.
    You need to sort the 'go here' link. I think you missed out the http:// Al
  • Brad
    YEAH! ?
  • Wilko
    I don't get it. It's an abortion. Fucking AWFUL. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  • Businessman
    That reminds me of our helpdesk, if it's broke don't fix it
  • Businessman
    And I am now Timelined up max, I'm modern me
  • Darren
    I like it, it is actually the first thing Facebook has done right in a long time, makes my profile look a lot smarter and interesting
  • Gavin
    As much as you all hate Facebook, I think this is one of their best moves. I've always wanted to look at posts I wrote, or someone has written but in the past and up until now, Facebook only concentrated on the here and now. I've just gone through the best year of my life and practically relived it (since I post a lot on facebook)...
  • Tim
    Most things said in the past are best forgotten.
  • Smiffy
    @Gavin - The best year - that was the year you married Stacey weren't it mate?
  • james D.
    I really like this, think what it will be like in 30/40/50 years looking back on this.

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