Music goes social with Spotify, more clutter for Facebook

27 April 2010

Farmville, Mafia Wars, Bejeweled 2, Foursquare... all those automated Facebook updates from friends that have warranted your foot going through the screen - as of an hour ago, you can add Spotify to the list. Yes, apparently music wasn't a 'social' activity before today, but now it is and very soon all your friends will hate you for it.

We like Spotify, in fact we bloody love it; it means tonnes of free music, offline playlists if you pay for Premium, it syncs everything with your mobile too. Marvelous. And today's announcement is huge news for Spotify; through Facebook Connect, you can now share your music and playlist with friends. Spotify have created profile pages for their members, and by logging into Facebook, you can see other friends that also use the service. Sharing music is as easy as dragging and dropping the song title on another profile, and these recommendations then appear on Facebook for other, non-Spotify using friends to see.

Even better is the fact that Spotify can now merge all the other music libraries on your machine together, so you can create playlists that merge Spotify and iTunes, for example, and everything can be managed through the Spotify desktop app. Aces. These features are available for all users - those using the free, ad-infested version and Premium customers too.

It's becoming evident that Facebook is attempting to overthrow the whole bleeding world at the moment, with their new 'like' buttons and their slowly eroding privacy policies. But activity like this is turning your once-relevant news feed, the core proposition of Facebook that won them the internet, into a clutter of shite that's becoming less about your friends, and more about exposure for brands and businesses you didn't choose to interact with, in an environment you once considered personal.

Being able to share music with friends with a simple drag-and-drop is brilliant, but that's all happening in Spotify; Facebook is the back-end to all this activity, a grand aggregator that users must work to maintain. It's becoming a content management system now, an infrastructure to add friending-style functionality the applications you like. Facebook itself is becoming less social, and more functional - is that good news for Facebook in the long term?

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  • Gray P.
    It is all about trying to get people to stop wanting to own stuff and being prepared to spend the rest of their lives renting things that once they would have paid for a single time. Nothing to do with social or anything - that is a smokescreen, and needs to be fought tooth and nail. Facebook will get too big and overreaching and people will start to leave or move on to the next big thing.
  • M4RKM
    I still can't see a reason to join friendface. Even this isn't exciting enough!
  • Tom
    As much as I loved facebook for getting in touch with long lost friends, and also the friends that you wouldn't necessarily email, but can quite happily pass the odd comment to via facebook ... it's becoming a huge pain in the butt. If I open it up these days, my time is spent turning off or blocking applications from my news feed. Or hiding people who post attention seeking status updates "Joe Bloggs is really upset" etc, just to seek for people to ask what the matter is.
  • Brad
    Its funny because its true! Yeah some cunt on who I never spoke to in school 9 years down the line added me, fine then done, leave it at that. No not done, help me get the monster penis or something or other, mafia wars needs an accountant to go though the books, Farmville cant pay the bank loan back and needs the barn burned down for the insurance etc... while all the time posting pictures of her fucking kid who even her closest mates have tired of saying "awww cute!!!!111!! :D xox" I hate you facebook, I hate you so much! errr what was we talking about? some music thingy?
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    Bored of Facebook. I like being able to keep updated on what my mates and family are actually doing doing, but I Can't be arsed with being spammed with shite such as: Lisa bought a new pair of shoes on citylife! Lisa bought a new pair of knickers on citylife! Lisa bought a new pair of shoes on citylife! Becky bought a cow on farmville! Danny put a hit out on Mafia Wars! Lisa bought a new pair of shoes on citylife! Fucksocks.
  • If B.
    [...] we spewed a semi-coherent rant about Facebook becoming the dumping ground of the internet, allowing thousands of games and [...]

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