M&S yelled at by people about a teabag

13 July 2015

Don't mess with people's tea. Seriously. Cups and pots of tea are more valuable and cherished than family members to most people, which Marks & Spencers found out recently.

One lady ranted about the strength of the tea offered to her elderly mother at a Marks & Spencers. And she wasn't messing about. Her spleen, which you can see below included the line "SHAME ON YOU", as well as the typical threat of 'and me and absolutely everyone I know or have ever met will never shop at any of your stores for as long as we collectively live'.

MandS teabags rant

Now, you might thinking that everyone else on Facebook would've laughed and pointed out that there might be an overreaction afoot... but that wasn't the case at all.

Turns out everyone else is really good at summoning disgust at the drop of a hat.

One person spat: "Marks and Spencer you should hang your head in shame, disgraceful behaviour to anybody never mind their age, how much is a tea bag compared to good customer service?"

Another chipped in with: "The sad thing is if the staff member gave the tea bag he or she would of losing there job for a tea bag. A company that has forgotten how to treat staff and there customers. [sic]" Someone jumped in: "That's me and my family finished shopping in your store. Your deeds have been despicable to say the least. Shame on you."

An eyewitness charged in too! "Marie I was standing there when your mum asked and I couldn't believe this, neither could she, it's an absolute joke as some people like tea strong and a tea bag costs less than 1 cent and I can't see their reason for not giving her an extra one"

Naturally, some people mocked the whole reaction, which, if you'd like to see the venting and shrieking, you can click here to see the M&S Facebook TEA SCANDAL.


  • Luke
    Why do old people expect everything for free? I can make a cup of tea stronger than Hafthor Björnsson with one teabag, so why can't they? Seems like freeloading is fashionable when you're a geriatric.
  • Inspector G.
    How is one teabag not enough? You just give it a little squeeze and/or leave it to stew?
  • John
    It's not freeloading. The price paid for tea at their cafes is almost enough to buy a small packet of tea bags! The point is the policy at M&S which is anti customer choice and just bad for customer relations. M&S are mean with their tea bags as well as hot water.
  • Luke
    John, it's the "Something for Nothing" culture endemic in our elderly generation that's bringing this country to its knees. We need to stamp it out.
  • Dan B.
    M&S Cafe's are appalling, massively overpriced, messy and slow.
  • Fagin
    Facebook tard's & stupid (minimum wage) PR marketing stupidity on M&S's part.. Don't know who is worse, easy just to "represent the company" & fight your way out of a corner re extra teabag, then sue the buggers in court who try to haul you over the coal for doing the right thing, cheaper front of house servicing the customers needs than any amount of social media spods & complaint line handlers... "it's a tea bag" charge it to me.
  • Raggedy
    @Luke I think it's not just old people who want something for free. Haven't you noticed the widespread downloading of music from various websites? The clamour about actually paying for a TV licence? Some teabags are so insipid you'd be hard pressed to stain the water let alone get a decent brew out of it. They paid their money, they should get what they pay for.

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