More Facebook FAIL - never squeal about your brother's beer

From time to time, we like to point out all the excellent reasons for disregarding technology and living simpler lives in caves, far away from electricity. So from our occasional series of Facebook FAILs, here's another that's just landed in our inbox, courtesy of avid Bitterwallet reader The Couch.

In a nutshell, the story is this - boy buys beer, buy hides beer in room, sister tells parents about beer, boy is grounded for three months, boy takes revenge by publishing sister's sexual hit list on Facebook, of which several have been crossed out after a job well done.

It's not really NSFW, but we'll put it after the jump anyway, because we know plenty of you dislike rude words on your screen at work. Like cock, for example.

Bitterrwallet - more Facebook FAIL - sister vs brother


  • Junkyard
    Epic. But if Chris thinks this is only a "dick sucking list", maybe he's not aware of what a V-card is.
  • CompactDistance
    Been a long time since I laughed this hard. Only those who have sisters that have been pricks to them can truly understand...
  • Codify
    Um...- did you actually think this was real? Have you ever known a girl (outside of the pr0n you watch in your dimly lit bedroom every night) who actually has "titty fuck" on their wishlist?
  • me
    I've only heard of a V-card as a virtual business card? I'm guessing thats not what shes on about... Its funny regardless of whether its real!
  • me
    Thinking about it actually, how the FUCK did "The Couch" discover this?????
  • Rob
    More to the point, where do I meet this girl?
  • Andre W.
    V-card = Virgin Card ;)
  • John L.
    What's a V Card?
  • andy y.
    earth girls are easy.
  • Alabaster C.
    This has certainly made me want to save more for the next recession.
  • MickeyB
  • Cal
    # Posted by me | January 7th, 2010 at 6:32 pm Thinking about it actually, how the FUCK did “The Couch” discover this?????
  • Dane n.
    lol...check out for moar
  • HOWiE
    Thats Epic!!! still loling now!! Made my day that!!!
  • dacouch
    I received it by a round robin email, it is very funny though
  • BecauseOfBoxingDay
    In other news...
  • Sideysid
    Im surprised 'Brian' hasn't piped up in these comments yet. Anyways get your hair cut...
  • Brian
    I'm Brian and I'm just off to the hair dressers. I'm out of work, so I really could do with a job. As soon as my hair is cut, I'm off to Katie's :)
  • Dangers F.
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  • SimbaK2K
    This is too funny, thanks for posting!
  • Nobby
    Brian is gay anyway. Straight men go to a barber, not a fucking hairdresser.
  • Barbera
    Straight men with style goto a hairdressers. Some throwback to the 50s probably still uses a barbers
  • goon
    Straight men cut their own hair with clippers or broken glass any other way is gay
  • Robiee.
  • any
    I thought v-card with Valentines Card.
  • Beanie M.
    I would love some Titty Fcuk and Grope ohhh bay bayyyy and umm V-CARDS too!!! I could use some tight asian skank right now... oHHH rightttttt yeaaaaaa
  • Curious
    If V-card is Virgin card, I wonder how you can give this to several boys...
  • At B.
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  • Royal A.
    Is this guy adopted? If so then I understand why he had to describe his parents' ethnic origin, otherwise wouldn't it be obvious that his parents are Asian?

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