Modern things, advertised in ye olde way!

6 August 2010

Ever wondered what it would be like if those wonders of the modern age that we like to call Facebook, Skype and YouTube had been invented in a bygone era? Look, it’s almost the weekend, so just pretend that you have. Pretend that you wonder it ALL THE TIME, okay?

Good, that’s better. You’ve probably also wondered what the marketing campaigns would be like for those aforementioned modern services as well haven’t you? JUST NOD YOUR HEAD SLOWLY!

Thank you. Now, thanks, to some Brazilian ad agency, we can get something of an idea. Here’s the ad they came up with for Facebook and you can see the others here.

Right, now you can go back to eating your chicken in a can…



  • Luke C.
    What a total waste of time, can't be much to do in Brazil by the looks of things. Not even slightly clever, stick to making corned beef...
  • Nobby
    The youtube one has 24/7 in the text. That doesn't sound very much like olde-speake.
  • The B.
    Hmmm, if your main language is Portuguese and your English is a bit shoddy then you probably shouldn't try and be too clever with it, most of those sentences are very poorly structured, unless of course they're saying that they were illiterate in the 50's?
  • Spoonyboy
    Wow, you guys really take things seriously! Maybe if someone else looked at your work they would see that it was pointless and that you were utter shite at it. When you have finished your periods, lighten up.
  • Simon
    I agree with The Real Bob. Very poor second language English. Fun idea but very poor execution.
  • Joanne
    I agree with Spoonyboy... *nods*

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