Microsoft resurrects 'kin creepy Facebook poking

12 May 2010

Remember in 2007, when Facebook opened up, everyone joined and spent the next six months 'poking' one another. It was a brilliant, non-threatening way to be thoroughly vulgar to somebody you wanted special trouser kisses from. But in 2010, nobody pokes on Facebook anymore - the feature is still there, but the several hundred million users have moved on to whining about privacy issues, or starving their children of attention in order to play Farmville until three in the morning.

The fact that poking on Facebook doesn't reflect current user activity, that it's a concept that peaked several years ago means it's the perfect way for Microsoft to promote it's new Kin mobile phone. On the bleeding edge of consumer trends, as ever.

Microsoft have produced a number of videos to promote the Kin, where the owner meets people she's only interacted with on social networks. You will never see a more terrifying video on YouTube; a young, doe-eyed girl meets a fat old man to indulge in a spot of poking. He'll have gone through a box of rags in a week after this:

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  • Jack
    Can I poke her?
  • donttouchthehair
    Jabba in a top hat. No expense spared.
  • Ben
    I bet he's poked himself a few times.
  • Rolly
    I know what a poke is now, but I still dont want that fugly phone.
  • Murtin M.
    WTF is dis real?
  • dunfyboy
    If it's meant to represent reality, shouldn't it be a fat, old man poking another fat,old man who's pretending to be a young, doe-eyed girl?
  • parpparp
    Poking fatties never gets old. But there was too much talking and not enough prodding. 3/10
  • jamie
    Well microsoft have completly just ruined social netowkring with that advert
  • BallmerClown
    So Microsoft endorses creepy 50-year old men going around "poking" random teenagers on the internet?
  • john
    bill gates has gotta ruin everything i hate microsoft
  • Kin B.
    [...] KIN) there was little incentive for the modern youths to get one of the things in their lives. The weird adverts didn’t help either, to be [...]

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