McDonalds and LA Fitness fall foul of sharp-minded Tweetists

24 January 2012

Yet again, social media has bitten a couple of major corporations on the 'ass'. First up is McDonalds, who decided to spice up their Twitter account with the use of the hashtag #McDStories, intended for farmers who grow their food to wax lyrical about dealing with the burger behemoth.

Sadly, disgruntled McDonalds 'customers' jumped on board and it wasn't long before tales of golden arches-based woe was flooding Twitter. Such as…

image image (1)

Next up comes LA Fitness. A recent piece in The Guardian which highlighted the gym digging their heels in against a couple who wished to cancel their membership has got the Twitter pitchfork brigade up in arms and right now, the Twitversation (if indeed that is such a thing) is all about how much everyone hates LA Fitness. Whoops.

If the gym's management had deployed a bit of common sense and empathy, they wouldn't currently be more despised on Twitter than that bloke who pitched up and pretended to be Gary Glitter a few days ago…

UPDATE KLAXON: LA Fitness have tonight buckled under the pressure of Twitter's might and have cancelled the contract that was the cause of the whole rumpus.

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  • Dick
    I don't really get this social media thing. To me, it seems you just make up any old crap and publish it. As to the gym - don't sign up to a gym if you don't like the contract. I think they are entitled to want the contract fulfilled if the valid reasons for termination are not met.
  • Manda
    Do redundancy and imminent homelessness whilst 8 months pregnant not qualify as valid reasons in your book? Wow, you're a real advocate for kindness and integrity...
  • tracy
    You can suspend a gym for pregnancy.
  • Sawyer
    That would be devil's advocate then. It's a business, not a social enterprise. Gyms thrive off customers who never make full use of their membership, for whatever reason. Whether it's right/kind/ethical/whatever... is completely irrelevant. If said couple did not want to be in a situation where they had to pay gym membership despite being pregnant/unemployed and 12 miles from the gym, they should not have chosen to enter a 24-month contract with that gym.
  • question e.
    @Sawyer Maybe the couple weren't actively trying for a baby when the contract was signed. Also, pretty sure the husband would've rather stayed in his job than being made redundant. Now, had they known they were trying for a baby, and the husband knew he was going to quit the job, before signing the gym contract, then it would've been a different story altogether.
  • CJW
    Gym's cannot cancel contracts without proof their T's and C's have been met or anyone with access to compnay letter headed paper can print off a letter of 'redundancy' and cancel their contract. If you are unsure of your future ability to pay for a contract then LA Fitness have rolling month by month, four, six, twelve and eighteen month contracts that can either be paid in full or by monthly by direct debit. I'm sure they are very sympathetic to all circumstances of their members but when any business goes to a bank for funds and declares how much income they can depend in the coming months you will understand that they can't just let people out without a penalty or at all, otherwise banks will not lend to them favourably, if at all. They are a business and no different im sure when it comes to getting out of a contract to any other health club operator. Contracts are contracts so always read before you sign - 2 years is a long time and i'm sure the monthly payments were heavily discounted compared to say the 4 or 6 month contracts this couple were no doubt offered.
  • tony b.
    Dear CJW It is entirely possible for a party issuing a contract to break it on request of the persons who have signed up to it, it's called social responsibility. Try googling ethics YOU DICKHEAD Love you Tony xx
  • SFJnet
    Ha - I love the self-righteous "a contract's a contract / don't sign up if you can't pay" brigade. Have a bit of empathy for gods sake. You'd feel much differently if you were in their shoes.
  • The B.
    I have to admit I used to use the £99 for 6 weeks at LA Fitness solely because I didn't want to sign up for a year contract a) because I went at lunchtime and was looking for a new job and b) because I'd read what a bunch of crunts they were as regards contracts. I've now got a home gym in my garage so don't give them anything at all. Oh, and they should sort their personal trainers out, if I want one I'll ask, stop pestering me every friggin' day when I'm trying to work out.
  • Mike H.
    If you eat @ McDonalds, call it MaCyy 'D's or go to 'gym' then, 1. You are a twat 2. Own a BMW/Audi (and actually enjoy driving it, think you are cool in it, and think people beep their horn to say 'hi' not that you have just cut them up extremely dangerously) 3. You deserver to be raped by a gorilla 4. You are a spastic
  • Ricky G.
    Brilliant! Amazing use of the spastic joke again Mike. You could get as many followers as me soon. Better still you could get loads of BAFTAs! Don't mind if I use "spazza" in my routine do you? It's brilliant and shows how you can take a word and change its meaning because you say you have. Brilliant. I working on "flid" next. Brilliant!
  • Kevin
    Gervais,you are just not funny.FOAD
  • In W.
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