Man threatens to 'smash' everything, because of a ham pizza

pizza-the-hut A pizza muncher decided to call 999, threatening to smash up a takeaway after he was told that he couldn't have a slice of ham and mushroom pizza. We've all been there, obviously.

The customer ranted to the police, who clearly didn't have anything better to do, that he'd been to the same place the night before, and had a ham and mushroom pizza. However, this time, he was being told by the staff that they didn't do ham and mushroom pizzas.

Dark days indeed.

What had happened, is that the man had eaten a turkey and mushroom on his first visit, which meant he kicked off and wanted his £3.50 back. Remember, he phoned the actual emergency services about all this, which he thought was a very reasonable thing to do.

Greater Manchester Police tweeted about the incident, saying: "999 11pm; man threatening to smash up takeaway as no ham & mushroom pizza. Says had one previous night but now found out was turkey, not ham."

One thing that Twitter has been particularly good for, is taking the absolute piss out of idiots who waste police (and everyone else's time) with calls like this.

The GMP have been particularly good for it. They have previously tweeted about a woman who rang 999 because staff at a gym wouldn't let her inside. The kicker here, being that she didn't actually have a pass for said gym. Oh, and who could forget the marvellous tweet about the "suspicious men carrying a snake, Bolton"?

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