Major Twitter fail by BA...

18 November 2012

British Airways might be looking for someone new to man their Twitter feed at weekends, after an almighty cock-up yesterday afternoon when their ususal social media chimp went a bit nuts and retweeted this to their 211,000 followers…


Probably not the kind of carefully-honed message that they’re looking to deliver and an apology was quick in forthcoming once the retweet had been deleted. They’ll probably say they were hacked – that’s how this kind of thing usually happens…

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  • Chewbacca
    It's a bit like blog writers slagging off their readers, eh?
  • Pizza A.
    That is shocking by BA, after the customer tweeted them in such a pleasant manner...
  • Dick
    What's is wrong with it? Maybe a capital letter and a fullstop is needed, but other than that I cannot spot the problem.
  • 9-eyes
    Get over it Chewbacca you boring, irritating twat. With people like you constantly writing facetious, nonsensical crap about their blog posts I think the BW team show a huge amount of restraint. The occasional blip is understandable when you're constantly criticised by morons like yourself. If you dont like the blog, dont read it.
  • Mr. P.
    ^ What he said.
  • Joe S.
    I burst seagulls.
  • Chewbacca
    9-eyes You're missing the point of this site. Also, I don't recognise your "name". Are you new here, or just a multi of some other retarded cunt dribble that usually posts on here? In any case, I hope you die of ass cancer. Bye!
  • sameoldshite
    The editors of BW are 'arseholes'. Sorry.........that was just a blip, so its fine, you see.
  • 9-eyes
    Nope, not new here; been following BW for a long time. It's only fairly recently that helmets like yourself and 'sameoldshite' have been infecting what used to be a very amusing stream of comments with drivel and unnecessary criticism of BW's editors and readers. I think it's you that is missing the point of the site. Now feel free to crawl back into whatever Glaswegian crack/smack-den you came from and lets all hope it's your rectum that suffers the unpleasantness of ass cancer.
  • Mike M.
    It used to be so much better around here when Wonkey Henry was alive.
  • Mr. P.
    @ Chewbacca Why do you have to recognise 9-eyes' name before you take his point? He's right, you're wrong. If you hate it here so much, piss off.

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