LinkedIn to pay massive fine for annoying emails

7 October 2015

LinkedIn_logo_initials LinkedIn - the most annoying social media platform on the planet - looks like they're going to have to cough up some clams thanks to their insistent and annoying emails. LinkedIn have agreed to pay $13 million to users over their Add Connections feature.

A court found that users didn't consent to the additional reminder emails, which were sent after the original connection requests. Thanks to this, those users with accounts between September 2011 and October 2014 are likely to at least qualify for a payout.

Of course, this won't stop LinkedIn sending everyone a million emails a week and being more needy than a recently dumped emo.

They released a statement:

"LinkedIn recently settled a lawsuit concerning its Add Connections product. In the lawsuit, a number of false accusations were made against LinkedIn. Based on its review of LinkedIn's product, the Court agreed that these allegations were false and found that LinkedIn's members gave permission to share their email contacts with LinkedIn and to send invitations to connect on LinkedIn. Because the Court also suggested that we could be more clear about the fact that we send reminder emails about pending invitations from LinkedIn members, we have made changes to our product and Privacy Policy. Ultimately, we decided to resolve this case so that we can put our focus where it matters most: finding additional ways to improve our members' experiences on LinkedIn. In doing so, we will continue to be guided by our core value — putting our Members First."

Get all that? Anyway, the actual settlement hasn't been approved by the court as of yet, but if you want more information on this lawsuit and want to file a claim, you need to do it by December 14th and you should click here.

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  • Albi
    That statement is the biggest pile of bullshit ever. Sir Humphrey himself would be embarrassed to have penned it.
  • rjt
    What about people who have never had an account with LinkedIn who keep getting unsolicited emails?
  • Inspector G.
    Oooh they should have a chat with Vista Print too.
  • Sensei
    I am a small business owner. I am definitely going to join LinkedIn and add all of my customers and suppliers so that my competitors can see who I deal with. This absolutely makes good business sense. P.S. I am clinically insane.

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