KGBDeals customers aren't all that happy right now

7 November 2012

If you’re thinking about snapping up one of the ‘great’ daily offers from KGBDeals, maybe you should check out that carnage that is currently going on over on their Facebook wall.

It’s filled with tales of woe from frustrated and angry customers over invalid vouchers that have been bought as part of deals, items ordered that haven’t arrived and the near-absence of any kind of semi-reasonable level of customer service from KGB.

Perhaps they’re named that because they’re so secretive and capable of carrying out great acts of harm. Who knows – anyway, here’s some of the choicest bits from the KGB wall that they haven’t got around to deleting yet…

Screen Shot 2012-11-07 at 10.53.59

Screen Shot 2012-11-07 at 10.52.16
Screen Shot 2012-11-07 at 10.52.32
Screen Shot 2012-11-07 at 10.53.14
Screen Shot 2012-11-07 at 10.53.28


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  • Tom
    Those dirty freudsters.
  • Boring B.
    If it looks too good to be true...
  • Prince D.
    Serves them all right for being stupid thick twats. Who falls for the bullshit prices that any of these sites give...... oh yeah the dicks that are complaining now.
  • P O.
    Firm but fair prince firm but fair.
  • King d.
    @Prince of Darkness Nope not all of the websites are like this, take Groupon for example, yes they had teething problems when they first started but have now found their feet and do things properly! With the industry being looked at it wont be long before the majority of the 250 websites offering this are shut down. Lesson here is to stick to the big players in the market!
  • Prince D.
    @King of darkness Groupon are the worst. They inflate the prices allow terrible sellers on board and have terrible customer service and all this explains why Trading Standards and Office of Fair Trading are all over them.
  • King D.
    @Prince of Darkness I AM your father!

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