Jumped-up Tube worker hands in his notice

undergroundPA_175x125 Transport for London have announced that the Tube worker recently caught bawling abuse at an old man has resigned from his job.

Video footage shot on another passenger’s mobile phone showed Ian Morbin stomping about like a knobhead, calling a passenger "a jumped up little git" and accusing him of acting like a "little girl". Morbin also appeared to suggest that the old man (who might have fought in a war or something) should be "slung" under a train.

Following the incident at Holborn station in central London on October 15, the footage spread like wildfire across the internet, helped in no small part by the self-important busybodies who are becoming an increasingly unsavoury faction on Twitter.

TfL statement said: "Mr Ian Morbin, a customer service assistant at Holborn Tube station, has advised London Underground (LU) that he wishes to resign for personal reasons. He has informed us he would like to apologise for the incident involving a passenger at Holborn Tube station on Thursday October 15 and hopes that his actions have not detracted from the professional job done by hundreds of LU staff every day.”

“We have accepted Mr Morbin's resignation with immediate effect. As we made clear from the moment this incident was brought to our attention this kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable and does not represent the way our staff go about their jobs helping millions of customers every day.”

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, a posse is being formed after man was caught on camera spitting a piece of chewing gum on to the pavement. The posse are planning to burn his house to the ground later this afternoon.


  • NobbyB
    What does unacceptable mean? What disciplinary measures did TfL use once they were aware of the incident?
  • Gunn
    No seconds chances then? Will Jimmy Carr also be hunted down and stoned?
  • In f.
    I'm just gutted he hasn't accepted my friend invite on facebook. How the bloody hell am I meant to mock and abuse him directly if he won't let me!!!! I hope he quits from facebook too! The very cheek of him.
  • Reg W.
    He pretty obviously jumped ship before he was sacked. I am sure TFL were happy to let him go as it saved them having to actually deal with the misconduct. Given what I saw on the video I seriously doubt if the jumped up little twat actually did apologise for his actions. That is likely to be just PR spin from TFL. With most phone having cameras etc. now hopefully the threat of appearing on YouTube will keep some of the other little Hitler’s in TFL in line.
  • PB
    "helped in no small part by the self-important busybodies who are becoming an increasingly unsavoury faction on Twitter" Out of interest, if you didn't want it to get picked up by slightly more militant Internet warriors, why did you post the video?
  • Steven
    What did the old guy actually do for the tfl worker to react like that? I have seen the video and it clearly captures the tail end of something as the tfl worker wants the customer to go upstairs and wait for the police. Obviously once someone at work looses their temper people break out the cameras and start a stone throwing campaign, I just want to know what happened before I judge anyone.
  • The B.
    “helped in no small part by the self-important busybodies who are becoming an increasingly unsavoury faction on Twitter” Don't use Twitter then, it's full of crunts, but you're right, the supercilious prick that posted this on his blog in the first place has milked every last ounce out of it, appearing on TV and radio. I appreciate that the tube pillock was out of line but this self righteous cock has led a full on crusade against the fucker demonising him to the point where I'd be very surprised if he ever gets a job again.
  • In f.
    I've only just realised that Ian Morbin is an anagram for "Loud mouthed, long haired hippy mother-fucker who doesn't deserve a job working with people, ever"! Imagine my suprise!
  • Rob
    @In your face - I think I'd quite like to punch you IN YOUR FACE (d'you see what I did there?) ... imagine your surprise then ? ... I'm with The Real Bob, I'm surprised you self-righteous [email protected] haven't organised a lynching yet ?
  • zeddy
    What a tube.
  • Ian M.
    rob - stop being a knob

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