It's so cute, the way they scam people... you've had a facebook account any time in the past three or four years, you've no doubt shared all manner of quizzes and games asking "what's your Hobbit name?" and "who is your celebrity twin?", etc.

But here's the thing. When someone puts up a trending topic on twitter to make up, say, your porn star name, the game should make you paranoid. Combining your mother's maiden name and the name of your first pet, or some such combination, can often reveal your secret answers to your online email and bank accounts.

Mashable therefore raises the question: did someone start this to gather information with less than honest motives? Who knows? It could just be a 14-year-old with too much time on their hands (and the rest of us, who have too much time to play). But keep in mind that personal data - even the seemingly innocuous - can be one of the many puzzle pieces that when put together add up to your identity in someone else's hands. This is one of those situations where it's perfectly OK to make up answers. We won't tell.

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  • Mike H.
    I'm a little worried about online stores asking for my mothers maiden name, namely eBuyer, they ask for your mothers maiden name as security to create an online account, if you don't want to provide it, then you don't get an account. So to sumise, they have your address details including postcode, date of birth, mothers maiden name and a password, which could well be your password for your online bank account, this seems more subversive than creating your porn name, but it's OK isn't it? It's a reputable online store, so thats OK then, is it? it isn't? fuck...
  • Matt J.
    Well it was started by a chap called @PembsDave. You can even see the first tweet here
  • Mike H.
    Oh and BTW, my poon name is Mike Hunt
  • The B.
    What we need is some sort of identity card registered on some all powerful government database that anyone can pay to access your details from, because that would be so much safer.
  • Harlzter
    @ Mike dont give them the true answer simply make one up, I always use one that is false, they dont know, people cant guess it as only you know then.
  • Nobby
    I always use false data for shop accounts where the maiden name, date of birth etc is not necessary. My mothers maiden name at eBuyer is Reyube and I was born on Jan 1. You get the account and don't give out your actual details.
  • maxtweenie
    lol @ Harlzter. You don't REALLY think his porn name is Mike Hunt do you? Here's a tip, say it quick.
  • Darren W.
    Mines Max Hands.... who gives a toss about my mothers maiden name... now if it was give us your account number and mothers maiden name and that becomes your new star wars C3PO name then I would be dubious... 34558990 Hands doesnt sound star wars like at all... its all a load of tosh... (now im off to check my bank account)

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