It's official! Bitterwallet is a big steaming number 2!

13 October 2010

The Bitterwallet team celebrating again, yesterday
Many of you have thought it for a long time and no, we're not even referring to our recent birthday celebrations - Bitterwalet is a number two! But what sort of number two, and why?

Turns out it's The Times that has branded us as such; Bitterwallet's Twitter account has been deemed the second best account to follow for saving consumers money. Their esteemed Money Central blog made the announcement earlier in the week, although we can't link to it because of the pesky paywall around The Times. Still, we're equally big fans of the chaps at Money Central, so the least we can do is point you in the direction of their Twitter account.

Who is number one? You are number six. It's a very decent blog called Money Saving Challenge, and its Twitter account @MoneySavingPig. Only 11 people follow it, so we suspect some fiendish Machiavellian plot to oust Bitterwallet from its rightful position. We're not saying money changed hands. Regardless, to quote an imaginary spokesperson from The Times: "Bitterwallet is the shit. Know this."

You can follow Bitterwallet on Twitter here, by the way.

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  • Yoda
    WTF IS DIS of any interest to anyone, er, I mean REAL?
  • bob
    Very much doubt this is real
  • FFS
    @Yoda Only one of Bitterwallet's most fucktarded readers/commentators could possibly ask of what interest this article is to anyone. I suppose you're right though- when they've actually achieved success as far as the actual point of the blog goes, why should it even get a mention? Yoda my arse, Jar Jar Binks more like.
  • kev
    number 2, just like Bono :D
  • PokeHerPete
    Interest, this is of.
  • Ben
    I don't believe a word of this. When will Bitterwallet cover really interesting stories? stop going on about Apple. Are they paying you? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BW!!!!eleven
  • Brad
    Who's have funk'it you make it this long.
  • akiss
    Whats with the lemon vagina?

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