It now costs a tenner to abuse a celebrity on Facebook

8 April 2013

Ever felt like sending obscene Facebook abuse to Miranda Hart? Haven’t we all! But it seems that Facebook has very quietly begun charging us plebs to contact celebrities – with a going rate of up to £10.68 to send a harmless message about wanting to kill them in their sleep! WTF?

miranda hart

Facebook is currently trying out a sliding scale of fees, which is intended to stop people in the public eye getting spammed. But it’s also a stinging indication of celebrity Internet popularity.

Those who have previously been in the firing line of Internet trolls, like Olympic diver Tom Daley, are commanding the highest rates, along with high rollers like Snoop Dogg. It's even a tenner to contact pop Highland cow Ed Sheeran's FAKE account.

But others are cheaper to abuse - er, send fan mail to. So if you’re a celeb you’ll probably spend sleepless nights wondering why you’re not worth a tenner on Facebook and crying to your agent at 3 am.

Facebook is also charging people if they wish to contact someone outside their circle of friends. It's only free if you send a general message to that weird secret inbox that nobody knows is even there.

But it’s OK. Vicious Internet trolls can take some comfort in the fact that it’s only 71p to tell Jeremy Hunt he’s a big Jeremy Hunt. And even if these cash strapped times, that’s got to be worth it.

The Facebook Internet popularity barometer

Tom Daley - £10.68
Ed Sheeran, singer-songwriter - £10.68 (fake account)
Michael Rosen - £10.68
Salman Rushdie - £10.08
Snoop Dogg - £10.08
Laura Trott, Olympic cycling champion - 71p
Louis Theroux - 71p
Miranda Hart, comedian - 71p
Jeremy Hunt, health secretary - 71p

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  • Yog S.
    So no more using FB to continue that affair without letting her husband know we are 'friends'.
  • Lord S.
    ahhh, desperate attempts to "Monetize" Facebook then.
    How much to kill them ?
  • bargain h.
    why would you want to pay £10.68 to contact tom daley?

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