Is WhatsApp more important to mobiles than Facebook?

whatsapp Facebook fancies itself as the biggest deal in social networking (or, 'people talking to each other' as it should be called) and certainly has the bank balance to back their clout.

However, for some time, Facebook has been losing relevance, with Twitter stealing a march on Zuckerberg's company. You only have to look at the way companies use Twitter in their advertising or, indeed, current affairs sources insisting on having Twitter handles next to journalist's names.

That all said, the network no-one talks about - WhatsApp - is actually making the biggest noise when it comes to mobile communications. According to a study conducted by On Device Research, 44% of those polled use WhatsApp at least once a week while only 35% use Facebook messenger.

In fact, WhatsApp is more popular than trad calls and texts and that it is closing the gap on emails. WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum claims that the service has more users than Twitter and sends 25 billion messages a day.

So why is Facebook losing traction? For starters, it is a complicated thing to navigate. Imagine if someone launched Facebook in 2013 - it would get laughed out of town. Not only that, Facebook is a huge, clunky drain on phone battery, complete with numerous and annoying notifications. More people are leaving it logged out of their phones and only using it on desktops.

There's also the small issue of personal privacy and parents are much happier that their kids are using WhatsApp because it is much more private. There's also no advertising on the service, which offers a respite when you're looking at your phone.

It is little wonder than Google have tabled at $1 billion offer and Facebook have been sniffing around. It is time to start taking WhatsApp seriously.

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