Irate punter buys BA-slagging tweet, world chuckles

3 September 2013

Twitter users get particularly sniffy whenever unwanted adverts appear on their beloved social media network – you know, the social media network that they DON’T PAY FOR. Silly sods.

‘Promoted tweets’ they’re called, and they cause much anguish when tweeters see them fouling up the rest of the hate, bile and bullshit that fills the rest of their timelines.

But, the tables have been turned, and one man has used the power of the ‘promoted tweet’ to instead highlight the shoddy service of a company – in this case, British Airways.

Businessman Hasan Syed is that man, and he did it after becoming mightily pissed off with BA’s treatment of his father’s lost luggage complaint that he took it to a new level. Witness…


It is not known how much Mr Syed paid for his promoted tweet though, so it probably isn’t something that just any of us could afford to do. But, he’s escalated the issue, made British Airways look shoddy and probably made himself feel better into the bargain.

A few hours after the tweet went viral, BA replied to Mr Syed with, ‘Sorry for the delay in responding, our twitter feed is open 09:00-17:00 GMT. Please DM [direct message] your baggage ref and we'll look into this.’

Social media – the Flanders of cyberspace.

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  • Matt
    Fair play to him. Plus he used 'their' correctly and not 'there' or' they're'.
  • Dick
    Does anyone believe such tweets though? BA customer service have one annoyed customer, and he pays to get it noticed. He's a tosser. Why should I care about his views.
  • Justin A.
    Charges for Twitter ads are in the style of PPC/Google ads. You get billed by how well your tweet does. "You’ll only be charged when people follow your Promoted Account or retweet, reply, favorite or click on your Promoted Tweets. You’ll never be charged for your organic activity on Twitter." So if you want to harm a business's finances, you click away rather than block their annoying tweet. Poor Mr. Syed might have only wanted BA to stand up and take notice, but once it went viral, he might as well have put a ad in a page of The Times given how much his final bill will be.
  • howard
    He was on radio 4 yesterday, cost him about a grand. He was unsure he'd got value for money!
  • Phuck Y.
    If you've got a grand to spend on humiliating BA, why the fuck are you bothered about your dads fucking suitcase? Or does it contain more than just some fucking dresses? The fucking spastics!

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