Internet food needs to stop - NOW

17 February 2014

Twitter is about to leap from your phone, into your mouth and right down into your stomach, giving you indigestion and making some off-hand commentary as it drops out of your hole.

How? Those git-boxes at Birds Eye have made Mashtags - food which trolls your stomach lining. Next, they'll probably make 'food based on Buzzfeed, which will be Pinterestaurant quality or some nonsense.

This has to stop.


If you're interested, they come in symbols like '@' and '#'  and all that rubbish. If you buy these for your children, you should be beaten and left in the street as an example.

[via laughingsquid]

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  • bob
    calm down, just a clever marketing gimmick for kids. Don't get too angry about it, go outside once in a while
  • kringerton
    hashtag wankers
  • Han S.
    Nothing wrong with this at all. Not sorting out that poxy trolley is, quite frankly, far worse.
  • meh
    Why doesn't one of you moany old wankers send in another picture of a feral trolley? That way they might have something to replace the old image with? Or is that too fucking obvious?
  • Waveydavey69
    Combine with alphabites and teach trolling from an early age!

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