Instagram's spam problem

Instagram's spam problem

Instagram has a spam problem. Anyone who has been using the app in the past 6 months, will have noticed a huge spike in accounts adding you as a friend, or tagging you in a post, leading you to dodgy accounts.

They're incredibly easy to spot, because they always feature a lady in her underwear as the profile picture, and they have a bio that talks about wanting to get into some 'adult situations' with people.

They're easy to report through the app, but they're more than just annoying if you're getting 30 requests a week.

A lot of the profiles are trying to lead you away from the app to 'dating' websites.

Of course, they're offering that, but are actually taking people to sites that end up getting your account hacked. With the profiles having mucky images on them, some people are concerned about such pictures being seen by eyes that shouldn't.

Security firm Symantec have spotted this, and said that users are taken away from Instagram, and then asked to complete a survey. If you're daft enough to sign-up for the site, the person who introduced you to the site, earns money through an affiliate link.

They can also get at your account too, and as the image above shows, they can log you out, change your user name, profile picture, bio and profile link, everything, and turn your account into something that tries to generate money for them.

If you're worried that you're the kind of person who could be hoodwinked like this, then go into your settings and turn on 'two-factor authentication', which will give you a bit more security.

Or, if you spot that your friend's account has been hacked, you can report it to Instagram here.

Then you can mock them for being mucky buggers, and tell them to get a better password and stop being an idiot.

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