Instagram adverts hit the UK

23 September 2014

instagram Adverts have finally arrived on Instagram, nestled between people's hugely irritating photographs of kale drinks, boring cats, holiday photos and heavily filtered selfies.

Of course, there's been adverts on IG over in That America since last year, but now, we all get the chance to gawp at sponsored posts so someone in a meeting room somewhere, can say that people are 'engaging with the brand' in an 'impactful way'.

This week, users will see the Facebook-owned app showing off adverts for Waitrose, Rimmel, Channel 4, Starbucks, Cadbury and Estee Lauder and, if any of these companies have any sense, they'll focus on photos of pizzas or things that look like holiday snaps, seeing as that's what most people lose their baps over.

"We are giving brands an opportunity to sponsor their posts and deliver them to a much wider audience," Instagram’s global head of business and brand development James Quarles said. "We are starting with brands who already have a very strong presence on Instagram. We want this to be a natural experience, like the way people consume high-quality ads flicking through a magazine."

There's 200m active users on IG, who have posted over 2o BILLION photos, so it is obviously worth taking note of if you're trying to flog your wares.  In America, it has been reported that brands have been willing to pay between $350k and $1m for a month-long campaign.

Companies won't be able to upload videos (yet) and users will be able to comment and like the photos. They'll also be able to hide them if they're not relevant to you. You might want to press 'hide' on every single advert. That's entirely up to you.

James Quarles says: "We are partnering very closely with creative agencies, with the brands themselves, and sometimes with freelance photographers who are already great community members," adding: "We think that the consumption – when people are sitting, scrolling through their Instagram feed in this relaxed moment – that is consistent with taking your favourite magazine and flipping through pages, having images that capture your attention."

"Some are advertising, some are editorial, and some are in between. And this is what people most associate with Instagram: beautiful images. People curate their feeds so carefully on Instagram: they choose photographers, celebrities and friends, which is much more consistent with a creative context."

"We want to create an environment that’s authentic, transparent and honest. We are trying to be really slow, measured and thoughtful,” said Quarles. "We are going to go slow, and we are going to learn. At the start, it’s a very slow introduction to the market, to help people understand what it looks like. We’re very much in a learning mode, but we think we've struck a great balance in the States."

So there you have it.

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  • Rob
    ah right,, so all them amazing "National Geographic" photo uploads are just advertising for me to go out and buy their magazine...... The scoundrels

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