If you hate Twitter now...

8 May 2009

...you should have seen it before the internet.


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  • Tom P.
    Careful, you'll get banned. My brother got banned from this site last week for questioning editorial control.
  • Rangers S.
    Bawbag you stinking weigie baloon!
  • SHare
    This site has descended into farce
  • northy
    Have to agree. RSS feed deleted. Bye bye.
  • Robin
    What the hell is your problem, bawbag / SHare / northy?? What farce?
  • Jack
    Yeah, whats wrong with this site. Just a fun little article. I suppose they were annoyed that it made them take a break from cock sucking. I would like someone to suggest what is wrong with this and why these babies are crying. Title: If you hate twitter now... Then the article with what twitter used to be like before the internet, even more annoying. (spoof of course)
  • SHare
    Its ripped directly from B3TA. Not even original work. I thought this was supposed to be a site that stood up for consumers, tackled issues and spotted bargains. All I see now is rehashing of other sites news and youtube videos. I fail to see the point.
  • Paul S.
    Ooof. We've always mixed tech geekery in with consumer posts, right from the very start of Bitterwallet. And regarding standing up for consumers, your mind seems to have faded and forgotten your own comments on a post a month ago... http://www.bitterwallet.com/top-secret-hilton-hotel-poor-quality-and-no-customers-service/9687#comment-14174 We're still standing up for consumers, tackling issues and spotting bargains - some days the mix varies, over the course of a week or two, it's all in there. But then it's always easier to criticise than contribute, isn't it?
  • SHare
    I well remember my own post, thank you. I liked the story, many of the Hiltons have been trading on name only in recent times and its about time they were taken to task on it. Don't get me wrong, I see what you's wanted to do here but it was just.......shite. If I want that I'll visit B3TA myself.

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