If Super Mario Bros was a modern day video classic

6 May 2010

Recently we spewed a semi-coherent rant about Facebook becoming the dumping ground of the internet, allowing thousands of games and applications to bastardise their product and pollute your newsfeeds, rendering the experience cluttered and pointless. Yes, of course we're all delighted you're building yet another new barn on Farmville, but please kindly fuck the fuck off.

This is very much in that vein; what would happen to the classic video games if they were invented in 2010? You'd want to throw a brick at your NES, that's what:

Bitterwallet - if Mario met Facebook


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  • me
    WTF! IS DIS REAL?? hahahahaha
  • Morocco
    It'd be better if it was Manhunt. "John just caved someone's head in with a claw hammer and wanted to share it!"
  • Klingelton
    facebook pr0n: "sid just spuffed all over himself and wanted to share it!"
  • wonky h.
    My newsfeed is full of stories about the number of foxes I bum.
  • Internet T.
    Foxes are always asking for it
  • Alexis
    "WTF! IS DIS REAL??" I bet BW are really really regretting running that story!!!
  • Bullet
    @ Alexis, you wouldnt have a link to that story would you, wondered where all this WTF DIS REEL came from.
  • JonnySpandex
    I second what Bullet said I missed the story!
  • me
    I am still laughing now as I read “WTF! IS DIS REAL??”
  • Jack
    @Bullet someone on Youtube said it on a Jurassic Park video, about a month or so ago. Some slow BW fans are still lapping it up
  • Brad
    Ill be honest I still laugh at "WTF IS DIS REAL?" now, but then again I did think that all is storm in teacup stuff about Danny Dyer telling someone to cut their ex-gf face was hilarious.
  • Brads T.
    Brad clearly still laughs at wtf... - I mean he can't even put a basic sentence together or use punctuation properly. Like to try again, but this time in English?

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