I predict a (Quiet) Riot - will new website make some noise?

16 November 2009

At Bitterwallet, we're happy to get outraged about anything. The Moon. Cravats. Invisible handcuffs. Wolf onions. Anything at all, whether it exists or not, we can write a strongly worded letter to our MP about it. So we were thrilled to learn of a website where we can meet people of a similar disposition - Quiet Riots. There's a 113 page Powerpoint presentation on their site if you're really keen, but essentially the site allows users to network with one another and unite their efforts in resolving common complaints.

Bitterwallet - Jedward on Quiet Riots
The site is barely a month old so there isn't a great deal of activity on there yet, but you'll already find grumblers moaning about BT, London Underground and Jedward. It's a interesting hybrid of online petitions, forums and social media networking, with users supporting one another's campaigns and tools to contact key individuals in organisations.

If it gains sufficient numbers of users, then it may rattle some cages. Or, as Twitter is increasingly capable of proving, Quiet Riots may produce nothing more than an ill-informed angry mob armed with pitchforks and burning torches. Actually, that'd be perfect for Jedward. As you were.


  • Dave
    Thanks a lot (not) for hotlinking me to this site hot^kdeals you bunch of tossers
  • The B.
    Jed Ward? Who's he? Sounds like a farmer.
  • Sing B.
    Son of Edward Woodward RIP
  • Paul S.
    @Dave - what's the problem, sunbeam?
  • Financial S.
    Ahhh, to complain is only human. Great idea for the whine crowd!
  • paranormal a.
    really nicee, i was looking for this

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