How to get gif Facebook profile picture

Bitterwallet - Facebook logoFacebook is all set to introduce a new function where you can have a gif or a 7 second looping video as your profile picture. It is very similar to the profile picture service that already appears on Snapchat.

There's a bunch of changes going on, on the social network (but they won't be charging for privacy), and some have already rolled out. First, there's a rejig of the design of your profile (it now looks like Twitter), as well as easier controls for the 'About' section.

The thing people will want to know most, at the moment, is how to get a gif as your profile picture - well, let us explain.

How To Get A Gif Facebook Profile Picture

Firstly, one thing you should know is that, at the moment, only people with iOS software can do this new thing. That means it is iPhone only at the minute. As there are more Android users in the world than iOS users, there's probably going to be some rants online (as seen with those who can't get the new Snapchat lenses).

If you can access the new feature, you need to access Facebook through the mobile app.

Once you're there, go to the 'More' tab, and then click your name to access your profile. Easy enough so far. Then, you'll see you have the option for a gif profile picture, where you'll be able to access a new creative suite to make one.

Hit your profile image in the middle of the page and, sure enough, you'll note that there's a flashing icon between the camera and video symbol. Click on that, and hit the 'video' option. Then, you can spend ages pulling daft faces, trying to get the perfect/daftest moving profile pic for your Facebook pals to see.

Easy peasy. It should roll-out across all platforms soon enough, so sit tight if you're on Android.

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