HotUKDeals Of The Day - Twitter Special

5 February 2009

As an homage to Twitter, each deal will be explained today in 140 characters or less. That and cos I’ve got the school run in 5 mins. All thanks to HotUKDeals.

HDMI cable doesn’t need to cost £15 does it? No way. Not even the gold-plated stuff. So then who fancies one in exchange for just a golden pound coin? You do? Go here.

Golf. A good walk spoiled or one of the finest human pursuits? The latter obviously. Don’t argue, you can’t win. 2 rounds and a night in a hotel for less than £10? Fore!

Escape To Victory eh? World War footy. Sylvester Stallone in goal. Half of the Ipswich team as POWs. Cult classic? Actually it’s crap. But OK on DVD for a quid.

(deals found by d1fferent, r simsini and Blender - you can all follow us at Twitter)


  • Ducky
    Does anyone know which networks do/don't charge for sending an SMS to the twitter number? I know Orange does..,
  • The B.
    Surely you mean "As an homage to Twitter"?
  • Andy D.
    Probably. But I have a cold.
  • Chris H.
    An SMS to Twitter is just an SMS like any other, I don't think Twitters got the pull of Facebook just yet for any providers to do any deals, but I'm more than willing to be corrected on that. Obviously if you have an unlimited SMS contract like I do, they're free
  • Ducky
    @ Chris. Not true. When I said "don't charge", I meant in their "unlimited bundles". On Orange, I have unlimited texts but texts to the twitter number (which is the same length/format as any other UK mobile number) are charged at 20p each, outside of their bundle. T-Mobile apparantly do the same... charging 25p per text to the twitter number. I think o2 includes it in bundles, though.

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