HMV's Twitter account falls into the hands of sacked staff

31 January 2013

It’s always fun when an aggrieved party gets their hands on the Twitter account of a large company. And that’s exactly what happened earlier today when the some ‘off-message’ erm, messages started popping up on the official HMV Twitter feed.

They were deleted again fairly quickly but that is why screengrabs were invented, isn’t it?

Shortly afterwards, it was confirmed that 190 non-shop staff are being made redundant from the beleaguered entertainment retailer. Weirdly, Twitter itself crashed for about half an hour shortly afterwards. There is no suggestion that the two events are connected...

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  • Kevin
    Good for them, but from what I've read I don't think they changed the password. I would have thought most of them knew they were going to lose their jobs though. Is it really that surprising?
  • OoOoooH Y.
    Great way to be excluded from any future marketing jobs involving twitter once any future employer gets told that the applicant was 'in charge' of HMV's Twitter account. Big Faux Pas!
  • Andrew
    Your company is losing shitloads of money? Who's going to pay your wages you whiny douche, the bank?
  • Reser
    Not exactly sure how any one can not be expecting to loose their job when the company is i administration, keeping your job would be lucky. No matter how angry you are, doing something like that is a sure fire way to mess up your future job prospects just when you need one.
  • P O.
    "HMV's twitter account writer" who'd want that on their CV anyway? Lol
  • Voice R.
    Maybe if they were as inventive in getting sales for HMV the company wouldnt have gone down the shitter?
  • Alistair
    @Andrew, whilst I agree, HMV staff contributed to the bail out of the banks so fairs fair... Though how their Marketing director keeps his job is baffling. Their marketing was appalling.
  • Some G.
    You guys need to post your sources more often. Even though the tweets are down for now you should link to the account. You aren't the only ones but you do do it all the time and its very frustrating to read a decent story and have no link to follow up on. Sure I could google it but its laziness and poor journalism on your part. This may just be a blog but have some pride and do things properly.
  • jo
    Can't speak for anyone else but I'm not overly impressed with what they wrote. I know it's not a laughing matter but they could have at least made an effort to post some clever one-liners to make their followers chuckle, while still making their dissatisfaction very clear.
  • Nipper's S.
    I knew a whole bunch of people who lost their jobs today at head office, it was the way it was done that annoyed them so much. All of us who work for HMV know that our jobs are in jeopardy, but Deloitte have gone about things in a pretty shabby way. I won't presume to go into the details because i wasn't there, but from what i've heard it wasn't done with any kind of respect for the people who had put many years into the firm. As for us store staff, we were told from the start that Deloitte would get in touch with all staff within a few days. That turned into weeks, and the letters, when they finally arrived, offered shop staff the chance to join a largely pointless forum to discuss the company's plight with representatives from Deloitte. Incredibly, the letters took so long to be sent out that it was too late to apply to be part of this forum because the application deadline had expired before many people had received their letter. When i got to work this morning i asked around and there are still lots of staff who have yet to hear anything from Deloitte. Brilliant. I just hope Hilco know what they're doing because neither HMV management nor Deloitte seem to have a clue.
  • Stu_
    That always makes me laugh. "I'm being fired". Fired? really? That implies you're shit at your job and the company is sacking you. Being made redundant because the company is effectively bankrupt and Marketing people are seen as an easy redundancy target? That's hardly being fired. I certainly wouldn't put "I was fired from HMV" on my CV. Whereas "I was made redundant due to the company being put into Administration" sounds reasonable.
  • HMV T.
    [...] of the brand, the brand which no one with an internet connection has used since about 1999 caused twitter to crash under the shear volume of [...]
  • Phuck Y.
    Marketing are redundant by their very nature.
  • shiftynifty
    Life in the UK today 2013....No one gives a fuck...because the management do not give a fuck about you....So suck it up...or do something
  • Mary H.
    fuck em , overpricing shite for years now, £15 for a cd, i ask yer guvnor
  • Gabriella
    HMV staff are lovely. I purchased something pre administration and they didn't have to exchange it they allowed me to exchange it for something else. I hope they keep their jobs and am sorry for those staff losing their jobs. HMV are good. When they are gone what then for people who don't know music and won't be able to discover new songs. I don't blame the sacked staff for twittering their sackings. Hope my local store does stay.

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