Hey! You're all invited to Tracy's "love cave" on Facebook!

Facebook. It's very, very bad for you. How many times have we told you not to share every detail of your life on there? Your identity can be cloned, banks account fraud can be committed in your name, and if you're fuckwitted enough you can tell everyone about getting "the love cave between your legs" filled in by somebody other than your fiancee:

Although the page on Facebook was genuine, it wasn't posted by the individual in question, which is a shame. The perpetrator is likely to have been a hacker from within 4chan; according to TheNextWeb, a Christian dating website was hacked and the details used to cause mischief on member's social network accounts.


  • Gomz
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Dammit.... I would fill her love cave.... fnar fnar!
  • nipper
    No wonder the guy has a big grin on his face!!!!!
  • maxtweenie
    What the hell is a 'perpertraitor?' Nip off to Borders and get yourself a copy of The Oxford English Dictionary.
  • David
    Similar to this... (WARNING : NUDITY, only follow link if your stomach can take it) http://img269.yfrog.com/img269/1338/falkner.jpg
  • free 4.
    I like how they blank out the names on the wall, but not the names of people in her friends list - thus doing little to actually preserve her anonimity (yeah my spelling's rubbish)!!
  • David
    You could always go here for the full story.. http://www.theinternetpatrol.com/the-story-of-tracy-turkish-brooks-her-other-pussy-and-her-hacked-facebook-account/

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