Grill attacks Tube workers on strike

The Tube strike in London is, of course, a pain in the arse for Londoners wanting to get around. However, strikes are meant to be a pain in the arse because the people who are on strike feel that they're not being listened to.

Whether you agree with strikes or not, you know the game by now.

However, Grill Market in Holborn must be serving SCABS today as they popped their A-board outside and offered a 10% discount for anyone who wasn't a member of the RMT (the union representing striking transport workers). This picture from twitter/robtamplin will show you how.


Obviously, this hasn't gone down well, with people yelling at the grill and more.

The company themselves tweeted via ‏@grill_market: "Again, total apology to anyone offended by the board this morning, was only supposed to be a joke, clearly I got it VERY wrong."

No kidding.


  • Mary S.
    Good for them. Shame about the tw*ts allegedly "yelling" at them. RMT is an anachronism.
  • mike
    i don't really see the problem with the promotion. the staff who are on strike are causing problems for the wider community so this establishment is causing some disruption for the staff who are on strike. it seems to be quite a karmic response.
  • Wayne
    I will go out of my way to use the Grill Market in Holborn now, stick to the RMT greedy gits, £50k pa, year on year pay increases, threats of £500 daily bonus' or they'll strike because it might get busy, while the rest of us have to take pay cuts, zero hour contracts, and now even higher ticket prices because Thomas and Edward are greedy fat lazy train geeks.
  • Alexis
    Try telling that to one of the 950 ticket workers that will get sacked soon Mike.
  • Andy A.
    wheres the apology from RMT for striking time they grew a pair and got into the real world
  • David
    Is this the same tube staff who helped the public on 7/7 bombing ,well sack them ,bunch of cunts ,the lot of them .
  • Algernon
    RMT. The power to kick butt.
  • Captain T.
    Helping the public on 7/7? Doing what any other person would have done in that situation. Oohh best give them a job for life even when their jobs no longer required.
  • Joe
    Boris hurry up and get those tube trains automated and sack the lazy sods. Those cunts won't know what hit them once they step into the real world, where you can't just go on strike so you can blackmail TFL to fund your lavish wages with taxpayers and fare-payers money. Unfortunately they won't be able to earn more than double what teachers, emergency service workers, nurses earn for sitting around all day pushing buttons and doing a job which can be easily learnt in a few weeks/months. Actually wait don't worry, they can just live off their gilt edge pensions.
  • Algernon
    Go RMT!
  • Mary S.
    Alexis, NO ONE is being SACKED. NO ONE is "losing" their job. the 950 jobs will go through natural retirement and voluntary redundancies (with huge pensions). Get the facts before you parrot leftist nonsense.
  • Algernon
    Team RMT.

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