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20 April 2009

Are you the sort of person who knows everything, but still can't make a living from your galactic-sized cranium? What if there was a way to channel your knowledge into 151 characters and make enough to enjoy the occasional pint of Large, or even pay for your car?

Those wiley answer-meisters at AQA - the folk you text with the questions for the pub quiz every Tuesday - have created an offshoot for people like you to micro-publish and generate revenue from. AQA2U is a simple way to send one-to-many texts on any subject you care to comment on. Of course, SMS-based subscriptions are as old as the hills, but AQA2U has changed the game by making the set-up incredibly easy, and also by publishing a directory so potential subscribers can search for services.

Subscribers are charged a 98p sign-up fee, plus 25p per text they receive. You take 7p per text sent and can send up to 14 messages per month to your subscribers. So if 100 subscribers are loving what you have to say about fishbait, and you send 10 texts in a month, you'll make £70. It sounds relatively striaght-forward, but the real trick is finding a model for encouraging punters to subscribe, but the likes of Facebook, Twitter and other social media site should help you part of the way.

The back-end is also frighteningly simple, with the ability to schedule texts to subscribers for a future date:

In the meantime, we're keen to see how the newly registered Scat Chat does. It's for lovers of scat who want up-to-date scat news. Scat. Currently unapproved.

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