Got a complaint for BT? It'll get fixed quicker on Twitter

During their recent annual shareholder meeting, BT announced it would be moving a significant number of customer service roles back to the UK from India. The news was met by a standing ovation - BT has hardly been the poster boy for customer care in recent times.

The roles aren't expected to be repatriated until next year, but in the meantime if you're struggling to get anywhere with your complaints, you can turn to Twitter. According to BT employees who have spoken to Bitterwallet, the company dipped a toe in the waters of Twitter with a single employee answering customer queries and ensuring they were dealt with. That was so successful that BT have now put together a team of ten staff at their Enniskillen customer service centre for dealing with residential customer complaints.

Not only do they answer queries put to them directly on Twitter, but the team are continuously sifting through all the Twitter messages looking for individuals complaining about BT and offering to help them resolve the issue. According to our contacts, the probability of having your complaint successfully dealt with is astronomically higher through Twitter than by calling Customer Services.

Smart. You'll find BT on Twitter at @btcare - let us know if you try them out and how you get on.


  • Darren
    can I have a job reading twitter all day and speaking to people, oh hang on thats how I came here ah well back to work..............on the other hand anything that improves BT's crap customer service is to be welcomed
  • Nobby
    It's good they are doing it by twitter. I can never understand them when they speak (whether in India or Northern Ireland).
  • Simon
    You've got Vodafone and Virgin Media with similar Twitter accounts. I was complaining about being kept on hold on the phone to a Virgin Media call centre and they replied to me on Twitter... I did however compliment them on allowing users a choice of hold music!! Looks like more companies are going this way though...
  • Simon
    BTBusiness have an account too
  • Geoff J.
    Well I won't be on twitter complaining that the internet doesn't work
  • Inactive
    BT have a team of Reps. on MSE, they are kept very busy. Almost as busy as the Talk Talk Rep.
  • @joffhopkins
    To BT's credit, when I tweeted a comment about how they listed my HOME number as a second-hand furniture shop in the BUSINESS section, they jumped on me pretty quickly. However, they've gone very quiet on my case without a resolution...
  • Woman B.
    [...] or phrase can find you. Despite all we’ve written about businesses migrating to Twitter - to understand their customers and interact with them - for some, the internet remains a strange, dystopian [...]
  • BT C.
    Cool for those that can get actually get online with BT Interent :) There is also and the BT Complaint website where all complaints will be put into report and sent for invesitgation.
  • jamsah
    BT charged us a £426 for simply moving a pre-paid line rental to another company This is how: We've been using a BT telephone line for line rental only. We get all other services from third parties. Then, BT forced us to pay our line rental by direct debit - apparently for refusing to subscribe any other service from them! Next, BT started charging us the line rental in advance for TWO months etc. (Don't understand why they needed money in advance - Fast. Might be something to do with the recent financial crisis). To cut a long story short, we were having so many problems and very poor customer service with BT like everybody else if not worse. After that, we decided to move our line rental to another company to provide us all-in-one service (line rental + telephone, Internet). We then phoned BT so many times to inform our decision and we explicitly asked, asked and asked them in a Paxman-esque style about charges, penalties etc if we go ahead with our decision. In short, we checked, confirmed and reconfirmed EVERYTHING with BT. And they agreed - it is OK to move your line rental to another company. They even added that we had NO contract with them, no equipment, items etc as we were only using their line rental for many years and no outstanding line rental either. Next, we talked to our new company who, too, talked to BT to handle and complete the transfer including giving BT a 14 days notice (on top of our own notice). Everything was settled by all parties and we even received a letter from BT saying, something along the line, "Sorry, for leaving...". Now, out of the blue, we've just received a final bill of £426.49 from BT! "For what?" "Engineer", "engineer", other bills, 1471 etc it says on the letter. "Engineer for what?" "When?" we asked on the phone. Engineers with no appointment, no letter of appointment, no phone call, no e-mail... nothing? Strange! (Ghosts, perhaps). Nobody can tell us anything despite our constant enquiries to BT customer services. In fact, nobody knows what this final bill actually is! Some agents told us it was for an 'advice' charge given you by phone! loool. (Since when BT started charging their customers for phoning without telling them in advance! Perhaps, that is why everybody gets the wrong bill? Others stick to 'engineer, 'engineer' etc by regurgitating the same stuff. By the way, we had never arranged, been informed or needed any 'engineers' for any reason. What's more, all the so-called 'engineer' charges (4 times in a single day, yes four) go back to May 2009 - which shows back-dated claims after we've moved in late July/Early August! It's a revenge. Nothing more. All in all, call centre agents in India etc did a pretty good job by constantly keeping us on the line while reading from a script from screen/sheet - which was designed to put customers off! If that does not work, they put us on hold for longer periods, pass our call from person to person or even cut the line off! Also, every agent refused to give us their name (first or surname) for calling or reference purpose! In addition, we can not get through to a senior person, manager etc at all - regardless of how many times we call or how long we stayed on their expensive 0845 etc phone lines. This is purely bullying tactics to punish us for taking our custom to somewhere else after years of very bad experience with BT. And it had been going on for many years in one form or another. So much so, even the letter gives us less than 4 days, including Sat, Sun, to pay this bill! It was delivered on this Friday afternoon (today) and the deadline is by Tuesday! In short, BT had always been bad but now they completely stepped the line and which is why we now want to take a legal action, as well as, reporting this matter to all consumer watchdogs, if it is not sorted properly and quickly. Shame, SHAME and SH-A-M-E on BT.
  • Emma
    I tweeted BTBusiness about an issue I had. I was getting 1mb speeds on a 20mb contract, on my new line. They've managed to sort me out, and got me out of my contract, no penalties. Thanks BTBusiness and thanks Bitterwallet!
  • Mark P.
    I have paperless billing with bt, I went on line after receiving the normal bill email only to find they had increased my rental charge to in advance. which ment my bill was double. They did not inform me of this charge. Then I spoke to the english help desk who were reading from a script and did not let me talk to a manager. One even put the phone down on me. I would not mind but the broadband is slow, they dont update current customers with new hardware. This to get you to sign another contract. As any one else been charged extra rental?
  • len
    Report BT to OFCOM.
  • kevin c.
    BT are wanting me to pay £130.00 for sending a engineer out who they say, could not find any faul. The truth is the bad crackling on the line that we had complained about was not happining that day when the engineer called, so he rewired a new box on the wall where the line comes into house to see if that was mybe the problem,since then we have had no more crackling every thing is working fine,but BT are saying that dose not count and so we have to pay £130.00 because we got the engineer out for nothing So what do they define as work ?,the engineer had to do work to rewire the new box.It is not rocket since to work out that it must have been a fault in the box if it works ok now with a new one.Hope you can help $130 00 is a lot out of my small pocketK C
  • kevin c.
    posted by kev 9 of march 2011

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