Get some popcorn and watch @Cineworld dig its own grave

Brands, when you put the intern in charge of the Twitter account, make sure he/she isn’t a) drunk or b) obnoxious. Cineworld will be crying salty tears into its overpriced bucket of Sprite today after the incredible exchange between their verified Twitter account and beleaguered customer @alanbishop85.


To be fair, Alan, who describes himself in his bio as someone who likes to ‘drink copious amounts of alcohol’ was in Internet outrage mode at Cineworld for upping their ticket prices to £8.30. But, you know, he also has a point.

Alan had himself a little rant, saying that at those prices it was no wonder people turned to pirating. He also predicted that Cineworld would go bust in a few years. But most of all he wanted to know why they upped the prices.

But instead of a polite brand-approved answer, Alan encountered what can only be described as ‘backchat from a cheeky little s***’

‘Well you 'say' we're definitely going to go bust in 1-5 years. If you're psychic can you tell me the lottery numbers?’

When he quite rightly told them it ‘was like conversing with a child’ and that he just wanted to know why they increased ticket prices, Alan was met with:

‘You love us really. We'll see you at the next Bargain Tuesday (book online 10% off, no fee!) or w your 2 Living Social tickets.’

Alan, getting frustrated, then accused them of charging more because they were greedy. So Cineworld, or the 12 year old who is in charge of the account, came back with this:

SO much more entertaining than a Jason Statham movie in Screen 37.


  • Alexis
    £8.30 ain't bad considering they make very little on the ticket and rely on fizzy sugar water for their profit. With the size of the buildings and number of staff, £8 to watch something that cost $200 million to make isn't too bad. Especially when you consider the DVD will be £14. And you can get 2 tickets for £12 as they keep telling him.
  • Don
    Having read the whole exchange it's pretty clear they guy is a moron, repeatedly demanding a private company "justifies" itself for a price rise when it's still cheaper than it's competitors (which he won't accept is true). It's not a government service, they can charge what they want. At one point he refers to it as "coneworld" (which sounds fun actually), and his account links to the West Brom football website. Cineworld actually comes across fairly well, I wish more companies allowed their customer service people to behave like normal human beings when having to deal with idiots.
  • Mr M.
    £8.30 is a rip off to watch a film, it doesn't matter if its the studios or the cinemas creating the prices. I can't remember a single film I couldn't wait the 2/3 months it takes to go from cinema release to a decent pirate copy free to download, all because the greedy bastards charging to much to watch shit films, in shit theatres, with shit people around you.
  • dan
    its childish and not what youd expect from a relatively big company but its just some whinging fanny crying because the prices have gone up what, 80p? if that, if he didnt have a cinema fixation he might notice that most other stuff has gone up over the last few years too, they are most likely paying higher rent on their huge buildings, minimum wage has gone up and the electricity and fuel used to light and heat their buildings and fuel the delivery vehicles have all gone up so a small price rise is hardly unreasonable. personally im more concerned about petrol skyrocketing the last few years and the cost of public transport that we are all bullied into using being blasted through the rough far greater than the rate of inflation, a 25 - 35 minute return journey from my local station to camden that was as low as 8 - 10 a couple of years ago is now a 15.80 travelcard with no option to buy a return to one destination that was there a couple of months ago for about £10! and then having to get a 2 hour bus back because they decided to cancel the trains for no discernible reason.
  • Han S.
    Oh come on Miagi, let's be honest here. It's nothing to do with cinema prices being a rip-off. Half the point with the cinema is the experience of watching a movie on a fuck-off sized screen that you simply don't have access to anywhere else. If you didn't find any satisfaction from that, then you'd have little reason to go to the cinema in the first place. You download films because it saves the money you'd spend on the film and you don't get in trouble for it. Illegal downloaders *love* giving it all the bollocks about how they're fighting the moral crusades but the fact of the matter is that they do it because they can get away with it. Some will still spend money on actual physical copies when it's something they really like or when the price has dropped further down the line, but I bet they'd start to find the prices far more tolerable if they weren't able to download anymore.
  • mm71
    I actually think that Alan got a nice helping of comeuppance. Far too may people take to the internet to have a pop (often rudely) at celebs/companies so who says that they can't fight back?
  • M4RKM
    I'm on the side of Cineworld. He accused them of doing something that they can't, and then hounded them on a point they wouldn't ever answer. The rest of the thread when he's having a conversation with someone else is more interesting, as he's just a douche!
  • purplehornet
    Good on @cineworld for giving some back and not dishing out the usual corporate nonsense. Why not defend their position? Not sure that they have 'dug their own grave' at all. Shades of Prescott lamping the egg-thrower here - that didn't do him any harm, quite the opposite in fact. Alan still hasn't answered the point about deleting of others' tweets either.
  • Alan B.
    Quality twitter exchange but Alan Bishop needs to be more concise. Messages that take more than one tweet to get across are doomed to failur
  • Her L.
    @Hand solo What cinema experience would that be? Sitting on an uncomfortable chair for two hours (or more if you're watching one of those bloody hobbit films whilst some cnut behind you kicks the back of your chair, the asshat in front managing to block your view of the screen with his stupid trendy hair, the dickwads that constantly check their phone - the brightness set to "retina burn" so the whole cinema is illuminated, the morons that talk throughout or eat and drink noisily, the sticky floors... that doesn't sound like the kind of "cinema experience" I would want to pay for thank you. As home cinema set ups become more accomplished we will see fewer visitors to the big screen. I'm with Alan in predicting the demise of cinema chains like Cineworld with their outdated business models. Cineworld do not even have a facility to book seats in advance - instead you have to queue with all the other fucktards, and I have no idea how their delux seating allocation works. At least at Odeon, Vue, et al you can book in advance, choosing the seat you want and can turn up 20 minutes "late" once all the trailers have finished. Film networks need to bypass the cinemas, delivering their movies on the day of release via on-demand networks such as Virgin Media, Loveflix and Netfilms. Pirates gonna pirate - that's one constant that will never change. You will always have those that would not pay to watch, listen or read media in any format so those pirates would never have been customers. Making it easier for legitimate customers to enjoy films how they want to enjoy them should be paramount (pardon the pun).
  • JonB
    @Lola What cineworld cinema do you go to? I can certainly book in advance at my one (Cambridge) and get 10% off with no booking fee if I buy online. I agree with you that it's not a great enough "experience" to pay the extra to go to the cinema, though. A DVD/Bluray costs £8-12 (if you can't wait for it to get to a bargain price at your local supermarket). I can watch that with other people or lend it to friends and family for them to watch. £8 is the cost of ONE admission to the cinema for ONE viewing of a film. Not a difficult choice for me. There's a lot of carp being said in the other comments (e.g. @Alexis) but I don't have all day to explain why they're wrong.
  • Flymetothemoon
    We never pay full whack when we go to the cinema... 1 normally pays so we have a ticket to come and go and the rest of us just walk in to the screening...the staff are too stupid to notice...a bag of nibbles from Asda and some fizzys and we're made...easy.
  • Angry A.
    The biggest threat to cinemas isn't piracy, it's people who can't behave in public. It seems that each time I go to the cinema people's behaviour gets worse. Personally I'd rather wait and buy the DVD than waste £30 on two tickets to sit in the dark being p*ssed off. Last night two couples sat behind us spent the whole movie whispering to each other, with one chap giving his pig sh*t thick girlfriend what appeared to be the DVD commentary. At one point I felt my seat being buffeted and turned round to find that the girlfriend had put her feet on the back of my headrest. Not to mention the texters, tweeters and facebookers who can't go two hours without sharing the excruciating minutiae of their lives.
  • Kevin
    Should look on the Cineworld Facebook page there are so many people that seem to think they are owed everything, especially, as Alexis says, they don't make money from that ticket.
  • Han S.
    Wow I have an imposter! I know how chewbacca feels now!
  • Bingo
    Cineworld sucks, the sooner they go bust the better, my last visit there was to watch a film whilst some woman let her kids run up and down the aisle. Did the staff do anything? did they fuck! mobile phones, persistent coughs, overpriced food...all makes for a fucking waste of money. Pirate bay for me, comfortable seats, 54" plasma...and no annoying fuckwits.
  • oliverreed
    Fuck cinemas. Let me d/l an HD quality version for say £15 at launch and send me the bluray through the post when released. I'll enjoy the film immediately, won't break any laws, relax while watching in my own home and I won't have to endure the cunts fucking with their phones in the middle of a show.
  • The c.
    In fairness they do have a unlimited option which if you go to the cinema for at least two times a month will cover the cost of subscription. However the customer service in both their cinemas and on their relevant helplines are absolutely crap. They believe that offering a customer into the screen after half an hour AFTER the film has started is acceptable when their is a issue with their card. If their is a problem with the card,the first point of call they offer is for the customer to call the helpline. You can only find out if there is a problem with the card swiping once you are at the cinema yet they advise you to call a 0845 number. Who in the hell would phone a 0845 number at 65p a minute on a mobile phone to resolve a cinema ticket issue,it's not like folks take their landlines with them when they go to the cinema. They claim to put the customer first in everything they do,this of course is absolute horse shit and go out of their way to make things as awkward as possible.
  • Roge
    Cinemas are too expensive but I didn't see anything wrong with the cineworld guys comments. They were pretty funny. Better than a bland corporate response
  • Light A.
    Fair play to cineworld for responding to a load of the usual twitter drivel with the same.
  • The M.
    Home cinemas are the way forward no annoying bastards with mobile phones and you don't get thrown out for wanking.
  • tom
    I took my daughter to see a movie during Easter and wash quite shocked that there where other kids using nds with the volume up. What parent would pay for a child to see a movie and then let them spend all their time playing a game..
  • Samantha
    I don't go see much in the cinema, when I do now I try to go all out and make it an experience I can't get at home (VUE Xtreme, VIP seating etc), the tiny screens and uncomfortable seats in my local odeon make watching it at home frankly more preferable. I always wished they make some sort of deal that you could redeem your ticket stub against a discount off purchasing the movie as a download or by disc when it was released. That seems fair to me, you've paid to see the movie once already, and it would incentivise me more to go to the cinema rather than wait for the dvd/bluray.
  • Mike U.
    I go at least once a month to my local Vue, friendly staff, but I'll admit the food is overrpriced We always get a family ticket which works out to £6 each bargain, check the seating plan online before we depart and we can see what VIP seats available for us to hijack Cool
  • Terry K.
    I seriously think people here are exaggerating their experiences or are very unlucky. I go to Cineworld ATLEAST twice a month and i have only ever had two experiences where someone was trying to ruin the film. One as when someone wouldn't shut up, another was then children threw sweet at me (But turning round and asking them what they were doing made them stop)
  • Leo S.
    I only go to the cinema to throw sweets at people...
  • _me_
    If you go to cineworld twice a month why don't you buy a monthly pass? £16 a month seems bloody cheap and you can go when no-one else can afford it :D What about people who go to the cinema regularly and also download films?
  • Jenny P.
    Its the same old same old "charge what the market will pay" More & more people are refusing to pay, or can't afford to pay.
  • Terry K.
    @_Me_: I do :) It is really good value. @Jenny: The Cineworld i go to is almost always full, especially around new releases.
  • Her L.
    @JonB Apologies for my tardiness in replying. My local Cineworld's Huntingdon and could not book Iron Man 3 or identify whether any deluxe seats are available for the screening. I would rather drive around Cambridge to Vue and get fleeced for parking (and have done). @The Morganator You do get thrown out for wanking if you're watching the latest Shrek film at the in-laws :(
  • Iron f.
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