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3 February 2009

As Twitter continues to ensnare the world in its tarantula-like clutches, there’s been heated debated about celeb tweeting – are they really who they say they are?

For example, it cannot be doubted that this is the real Stephen Fry. However we’re less than convinced that this (right) is the real Richard Madeley. He’s never worn that on his head on the telly has he?

Thankfully some bright spark has put together the closest thing to a Yellow Pages of tweeters from the music world and it’s here. Now you can start following the Beastie Boys, Bjork or Nick Cave and find out what’s really going on in their heads. Then start wondering if it’s really them all over again. Just because they call themselves 'real' doesn't mean they are you know...

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  • Mike H.
    Yeah but Andy, what happens if they say they are, NOT real, virtual, a non-entity? What do I do then?
  • Amanda H.
    Jade Goody's on Twitter?
  • jaysexy212005
    Not another social website
  • Mike H.
    I'm thinking of setting up an 'Anti-Social' network, where people can visit to NOT make friends or chat with a single person, I'll also introduce a POKE function where you can poke other members and tell them to fuck off. I think it'll work.
  • Andy D.
    More tweeting stars here
  • Uncle M.
    How dare you mock my favourite Bagpuss hat! I don't trawl the web looking for references to myself, expecting to be humiliated in this way. Is it so wrong of a man to disembowel a classic TV cat in order to keep his ears warm? I think not.

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