Findus to bring back indigestion/Chicken Curry Crispy Pancakes

findusfoodSocial networking has a lot to answer for. It gives you cancer and gets horseshit 6th form grumble-rock like Rage Against The Machine to the toppermost of the poppermost. Now, a Facebook petition has somehow managed to convince Findus to start making Chicken Curry Crispy Pancakes again after a 10 year hiatus.

4,500 blithering simpletons demanded their return.

Findus currently sells three varieties of the crispy pancake (which are neither particularly 'crispy' nor 'pancakey') – chicken and bacon, minced beef and three cheese. Having eaten all of them extensively through my youth thanks to a mother who was frightened of making anything from scratch, I can safely say that the addition of a fourth flavour is not especially great news - unless you like that gurgling burning sensation creeping up from your guts toward your throat.

Neil Sanderson, business unit director at Findus, said:

"In November last year, after seeing a surge in both online and offline 'noise' for the brand, we decided it was about time Crispy Pancakes had a social media presence so we could really take note of what our consumers had to say. We set up a Twitter site and both fans and followers soon joined up."

So if this is a victory for retro foods, then we greatly look forward to ironic student fuckwits petitioning for the return of powdered egg and microwaveable cockentrice or some shit.



  • big d.
    Facebook its got a lot of crap to answer for
  • Nobby
    > 4,500 blithering simpletons demanded their return. That probably means 4 or 5 actually wanted them to return. The others just joined the group as it sounded funny.
  • dunfyboy
    Spot on. Because joining a facebook group makes you wacky and interesting. It's like the world's full of Timmy Mallets.
  • cicobuff
    Christ, I remember been fed on these as a kid myself, felt like sandpaper going down your gut.
  • shinkyshonky
    wtf offline noise! turn it down....yeah right about facebook ,biggest pile of shit on the internet, get off yer lardy arses and see the real world
  • Jay
    Or perhaps Findus always planned to bring them back but fancied a bit of cheap PR in the build up to the launch. Does anybody actually believe that Cadbury's brought back the Wispa on the back of a facebook campaign? It would have taken them months to develop the machinery alone to make the bars

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