Find out who deleted you on Facebook and Twitter

7 July 2015

girl twitterAre you massively paranoid and demand to know exactly who has deleted you from social media? One clue is that people who aren't talking to you, don't really like you. If that isn't enough for you, then there's some technological help for you.

Now you can be told when you someone has unfriended you. You won't know why they've done it, but you'll know they've done it. If you were annoying beforehand, you can get really annoying by learning these facts and then tapping out loads of passive aggressive updates like; "Looks like some people are two-faced" and whatnot.

If you use Google Chrome, you can get the extension called Who Deleted Me. Of course, there's loads of apps and add-ons like this, but this one links in with Facebook, and not many do that.

How to find out if someone has deleted you on social media

On Facebook, the Who Deleted Me extension has been growing in popularity (so much so that the site keeps going down thanks to the volume of traffic). It won't tell you who has deleted you historically, rather, it'll alert you to the people that delete you after you've installed the extension.

You log-in to Facebook via the app, and hit the 'Show Me Who' button and you'll get all manner of information you don't need.

On Twitter, you can try the service. It will also tell you who isn't following you back, should you be crazy enough to care. Go to the site, add your Twitter account and put your details in. You have a range of options you can choose to maximise your paranoia.

If you'd like to know the comings-and-goings on your Instagram account, again, is your best bet. You use it in the same way you do with your Twitter account above.

If you want to know who has unfollowed you in real life, ask them if they fancy going for a drink a few times and if they keep blowing you off, then chances are, they hate you.

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