Facebook's news app released next week?

5 November 2015

Man_reading_newspaper It has been muttered about for a while now, but it looks like Facebook's standalone news app could be released next week. It is called Notify, and has buddied up with a load of news outlets like Mashable, CNN, Vogue and a bunch of others.

Quite why anyone needs another app that aggregates newspapers and magazines, is anyone's guess.

Of course, Facebook are eyeing up ways to claw in loads of advertising money, and their algorithms are probably designed to favour outlets with the most money to throw at it, in promoted posts and the like. Facebook are going ahead with this, after what they deem to be a positive response from publishers to their Instant Articles feature, where you get a faster loading time if you read a newspaper's article if you read it within the Facebook app.

This new app will also offer publishers a way to circumnavigate ad blockers, so there's a lot of money to made out of this, providing people actually want to use it.

Facebook's mobile growth is doing well also, as they reported a rise of 23%, year on year, to 1.39 billion users. That's a terrifying amount of people. There's some data that has shown that Facebook has more referrals to major publishers than Google. Not bad for an app that some people say 'no-one uses anymore'.

We can only hope that this app is forced upon users, as seen with the Messenger app, which annoyed a whole bunch of people. Fingers crossed that Notify doesn't end up being automatically downloaded bloatware to everyone's phones.

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  • George
    The only news I want to read is that Facebook and that smug bastard running it have both vanished.

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