Facebook ban HotCrazyDeals

29 January 2014


Facebook have got rid of the advertisements for a deals website, after users complained that it was siphoning cash from their bank accounts but failing to deliver.

HotCrazyDeal, which operates out of – oh the dodginess – Panama, used these ads to tempt users to sign up for a “free” seven day trial. However, soon these users were left with a £29.90 debit coming out of their bank accounts each month.

Such temptations as ‘£1 for £30 of groceries at Asda, Tesco or Sainsburys’, offers at Pizza Hut and unearthly savings on Oyster cards were actually not official deals at all, but lies. LIES. Even Apple and Argos has distanced themselves from this shady operation.

Users have to enter their bank details on the HotCrazyDeal website, after which it says customers can spend the deal at the retailer and claim the cash back via PayPal, so long as they send a scanned copy of the receipt to the website.

But this is patently all bollocks, and as angry users have found out, it’s harder to get out of HotCrazyDeals than they’d hope, with further amounts being rinsed from their accounts.

So basically – don’t be sucked in by those adverts on the side of Facebook. Apart from the ‘Women looking for single men in your area’ ones obviously.

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  • Women a.
    Is Panama any less dodgy than a deals site with links to Malta?
  • HowDareYouBlockMyComments
    Why, which ones are in Malta? And since you ask, yes, it is less dodgy. There are strong British links with Malta. Panama, not so much.

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