Facebook will delete old photos if you don't install app

13 June 2016
Facebook will delete old photos

If there's one thing that Facebook love doing, it is to force you to install new apps they release.

They are going to forcibly persuade you into using their Messenger app, and now, they're going to try and make you download their Moments app.

How? They will delete all your photos that you've synced from the main Facebook app, and you have until 7th July to do it. The social network is going to tell you about this in due course.

That leaves you a bit of time to download any photos you want from it and just delete your Facebook account and be done with the whole stupid nonsense, if you like.

Facebook said: "Photos you privately synced from your phone to Facebook will be deleted soon. Earlier this year, they were moved to Moments, a new app from Facebook. If you want to keep these photos, download and log into Moments before 7 July. If you don't want Moments, download these photos directly to your computer from your Facebook profile before 7 July."

This shouldn't affect any photos shared on Facebook separately from the synced album, and you will be given the opportunity of download the photos before they are wiped.

It seems that Facebook are very aware that not many people want to use their app in 2016, apart from the slow readers who aren't interested in the other platforms.

With that, they're creating a network of designated apps, which focus on one particular thing, rather than the catch-all element of the main Facebook app.

Anyway, you've been warned.

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