Facebook want to get into the music industry

10 July 2015

Bitterwallet - Facebook logo For a world that is meant to be dying, there's a lot of people wanting to throw money at the music industry. 2015 saw Apple muscling in on the action, with Google, Spotify, Tidal and Amazon already doing their thing.

And now, Facebook wants to join in the fun.

We've seen the social network getting busy with videos, which they're all set to monetise, and now, Music Ally have reported that Facebook are looking at doing deals with the music industry to provide an audio service, as well as a video service for them.

Once they've gone toe-to-toe with YouTube, it appears that they've got their sights set on Spotify et al. Seeing as everyone else is trying to recreate the social element of music, Facebook are obvious well versed in that and have the upper hand if anything.

And of course, seeing as FB want to keep as many people on their network as possible, getting them to listen to music through it is a sensible area to look at. For the social network, it also means they can keep tabs on even more of that lovely data you generate. If you're walking around, listening to music when you wouldn't normally be using Facebook, this could be very valuable to them indeed.

Basically, Facebook don't want people linking to third-parties if they can help it. From now on, they're going to try and persuade users to host music and video through them, rather than linking to YouTube or Spotify playlists.

Naturally, Facebook will be able to make loads of money out of it all, if they play it right and people actually want to use their services.

Facebook haven't made an official statement about any of this, so obviously, this could be little more than rumour, but the whole thing makes sense when you break it down. Really, it'd be more weird if Facebook weren't looking into this field. They'll be going after Netflix too, if this works out.

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