Facebook turn on 'Safety Check' for Belgium

22 March 2016

Bitterwallet - Facebook logo On top of the advice for those travelling to, or in Belgium currently, Facebook have switched on their 'Safety Check' feature, with Belgian authorities asking people to use social media, as opposed to making regular calls.

This feature allows those in affected areas to demonstrate to their contacts on Facebook that they are safe. The feature is applied to an area that has a major incident that has resulted in a loss of lives. The social network first utilised this function following the huge earthquake in Nepal last year.

It was also deployed during the Paris attacks last November.

Even though there's been criticism around the service (mainly concerning when Facebook switch it on), the group is getting better at reacting to incidents that are not in the West (they have activated it in places in Nigeria and Turkey).

Either way, the Belgian authorities would like people in their country to use this feature, and with the death toll from bombings in the Brussels airport and metro in double figures, it might be just the thing to allay some fears for those worried about you.

With the phone networks overloaded and jammed-up, this is a quick way of letting people know you're okay.

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