Facebook to warns you about state-sponsored hacks

facebook mobile Facebook are going to start snitching on governments. You heard. The social network has decided that they're going to let you know if they have a "strong suspicion" your account has been compromised by a nation.

What will you do with that information, apart from get really paranoid? Well, this won't be a simple case of resetting some passwords and the like - Facebook will warn those that have been compromised that they should either "rebuild or replace" their mobile phone or computer.

Like most people will be doing that.

Anyway, if your account is thought to have been tampered with, you'll be welcomed by a message that has the headline: "Please Secure Your Accounts Now", with a message that will read: "We believe your Facebook account and your other online accounts may be the target of attacks from state-sponsored actors."

Scam artists, no doubt, are already using this information as a way of swindling people out of contact details and ways of cadging money out of people.

If you get the legit version, Facebook will urge you to secure your account by turning on a feature called Login Approvals, which basically sends you a one-time confirmation text to your registered mobile phone whenever a login is made from a new device or browser. Facebook are really desperate to get everyone's phone numbers, so make up your own mind about all this.

It is worth noting that this message doesn't definitely mean you've been hacked, and that Facebook haven't exactly explained how they'll be able to spot when someone's account has been fiddled with, but they added: "We plan to use this warning only in situations where the evidence strongly supports our conclusion."

"We hope that these warnings will assist those people in need of protection, and we will continue to improve our ability to prevent and detect attacks of all kinds against people on Facebook."

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  • jim
    state-sponsored actors - Brad Pitt hacking me?

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