Facebook to take malware seriously, apparently

5 May 2015

facebook mobile Facebook are tag-teaming with RiskIQ in a bid to tackle malware and adverts that are filled with horrible, computer borking stuff. They're right too as well because the social network is riddled with games and links filled with dodgy things.

This new deal will see RiskIQ monitoring millions of Facebook advertiser landing pages in a bid to thwart anything malicious getting through. Then, with the data, Facebook will hack down anyone distributing threats.

"RiskIQ helps Facebook detect and block threats planted in third-party ads that violate our policies and can put people at risk," said Jennifer Henley, Facebook’s director of security operations.

"The additional insight they provide helps us protect the integrity of our global network and create a trusted environment for the people on our platform."

"We are extremely proud that Facebook chose RiskIQ to help protect their users from malicious and fraudulent activity," said Elias Manousos, CEO of RiskIQ. "Our platform’s global visibility into the user experience on Facebook allows us to provide the social network giant with the intelligence they need to keep users safe every day."

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  • Jessie J.
    Yawn, whatever Bacefook.

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