Facebook to sidestep adblockers

Facebook to sidestep adblockers

Adblockers are a real problem in 2016. Publishers are losing money because of them, but at the same time, you can see why people use them because some online adverts are so intrusive.

With that, Facebook are throwing their weight around, and have started bypassing adblockers on their desktop version.

Use of adblockers has shot up in recent years, and Facebook make astonishing amounts of money from ad-revenues.

Google, another firm who make insane money from ads, have decided to tread softly in the whole area, with the 'acceptable ads' scheme which is run by Adblock Plus.

Basically, that allows adverts through which aren't as intrusive, and Adblock Plus get a cut of the money.

Facebook however, aren't having any of that. They're not bothered about looking like the internet's kindly parent, even hitting out at Adblock.

Andrew Bosworth, Facebook's advertising chief, said: "Some adblocking companies accept money in exchange for showing ads that they previously blocked – a practice that is at best confusing to people and that reduces the funding needed to support the journalism and other free services that we enjoy on the web."

"Facebook is one of those free services, and ads support our mission of giving people the power to share and making the world more open and connected. Rather than paying adblocking companies to unblock the ads we show – as some of these companies have invited us to do in the past – we're putting control in people's hands with our updated ad preferences and our other advertising controls."

So what are these controls? Well, you'll be able to manually remove certain elements from your profile, so you can choose to opt-out of specific adverts. So if Facebook have tracked you as a football fan, you'll still be able to choose to not see adverts based on soccer.

Facebook haven't said how they're actually bypassing adblockers, but if it works, they'll be coining it in, while the rest of the media world looks on enviously.

This should end up in magazines and the like trying to find ways of making ad-revenue through Facebook, which of course, will make the social media behemoth even wealthier.

Adblock Plus have spoken out about this Facebook news, referring to it as "an unfortunate move", adding that "it takes a dark path against user choice".

They then stuck the boot in: "It's hard to imagine Facebook or the brands that are being advertised on its site getting any sort of value for their ad dollar here: publishers (like Facebook) alienate their audience and advertisers (the brands) allow their cherished brand name to be shoved down people's throats."

The advert war is on!

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