Facebook to launch Skype-ish desktop app

11 January 2016

Bitterwallet - Facebook logo Facebook have realised that not everyone likes using their main app and desktop service. It's annoying, and filled with people with different political opinions that you. With that, the social network has realised that diversifying what they do is the way forward.

So, they launched the Messenger app, so you could use Facebook like the old MSN app, as well as buying WhatsApp, so people who don't like Facebook can feel like they're not using it at all.

Turns out that Facebook have looked at desktops, and want in on that too. Apparently, they've created a standalone Messenger app for people with Macs, which basically looks and feels like the Skype app.

Instead of logging into Facebook, you can open up the desktop version of the Messenger app, and you're away. Facebook tried something very similar to this with Windows users back in 2012, but they got rid of that in 2014. Looks like this new one is here to stay though.

While it might seem pointless to people who already have, and use apps like this on their desktop, you just know that less techie people will trust Facebook and use this app as an add-on to their usual social media services. If you download it, chances are, your mum and dad will be all over it and sending you messages while you're online doing work or watching dirty films.

What a treat, obviously.

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