Facebook to introduce 'sympathy' button?

9 December 2013

Bitterwallet - Facebook Ever seen people announcing that family members have been killed or they've lost a limb to a pitbull attack, and Facebook friends awkwardly 'like' their statuses? Well, Facebook is looking at introducing a new button so you can sympathise.

Of course, Facebook could just give in and make a 'dislike' button, but they're steadfast in their continual refusal.

Anyway, a developer introduced the sympathy idea at a Facebook hackathon, which will give users the ability to acknowledge a post without 'liking' it. The idea is that users would have the option of choosing your feelings from a drop down list of emotions and if you choose 'depressed', the 'like' button would be relabelled "sympathise."

Of course, they could just write something, but as we all know, people don't actually want to emote near anything when you can just click a button.

A Facebook engineer called Dan Muriello told The Huffington Post that the idea was "well-received by fellow Facebookers, but isn't making its way to the site (for now)." Presumably, Facebook have already weaselled their way through your personal privacy and already know how you feel, so it is little wonder they're in no rush to introduce some new buttons.

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  • B1zarroPrim3
    Or they could remove the 'like' button from statuses so people would have to type something?
  • Dick T.
    ^^^^ Like

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