Facebook to go all 'Siri'

14 July 2015

facebook mobile Facebook are growing ears and want you to talk to them, as they become the latest company to get their own version of Siri. Of course, Siri wasn't the first of its kind, but it is the most famous, so shut up moaning about it, alright?

The social network wants to make their own digital assistant, which will apparently be called 'Moneypenny'. You'll be able to ask it things like 'why won't you show me posts from pages I've signed-up to see?' and 'how can I stop Brenda from work being such a massive racist?'

Now, there's got to be a difference between Moneypenny and the rest of the pack, so what's the deal?

Well, unlike Siri, Facebook's version will let you get information and assistance from real people. Almost like you could just message someone who knows about these things, already. It is thought that users will be able to ask for help researching and ordering stuff and other services.

Of course, there's no release date as yet, and information about Moneypenny is thin on the ground.

How it'll be better than asking people through the existing channels, is anyone's guess, but rest assured, if there's some money to be made and some data to be mined, Facebook will be all over this like a virtual rash.

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